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On the tip of the tongue China Shanghai dragon chain

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in the vast misty Internet, earn extra money is very rare, but soon the money can let the family get the best gift. Money is one of the most direct demand. And ordinary work, part-time is a kind of occupation to money faster, there is no substitute for other long-term contract. Of course, Feng Dongyang’s love is the chain part-time.


chain is a hot topic, from the person’s release, to cooperate with the team to choose from; included the chain chain platform. Shanghai dragon and the chain closely linked and inseparable. In front of the efficiency, outside the chain of tools has occupied this era! And outside the chain of tools now being exhausted to slaughter, Scindapsus

B2B chain platform, the weight is high, included fast. The classification of information chain platform, strong correlation, optimize. Encyclopedia of the chain platform outside the chain of high quality, but it is difficult to release.

Henan Zhengzhou, located in the south of the North China Plain, the Atlantic blowing dry monsoon. Shanghai dragon are crazy busy, but also to the love of Shanghai K station season! Drainage advertising is the site of important economic source, but a month later, they may (a pseudonym) The whole army was wiped out.! Feng Zixuan graduated from high school, brother Feng Dongyang have to release the chain in order to get higher wages for the children on the porch prior to this, he is a university! Brother prepared a special gift. 80% of Zhengzhou’s IT staff are very bitter, Feng Dongyang recently found a boss in the chain of part-time, he had to find a way to get this list. In the eyes of Shanghai dragon, a part-time job is the best occupation to earn extra money. It sounds incredible, but the Shanghai dragon looking for part-time customs have lasted more than 10 years.

1 hours later, Feng Dongyang is close to agreeing, he is ready to talk about the price of the boss, now! 1.5 hours, do not drink a slobber. This is a mouth parched and tongue scorched negotiations. The boss didn’t accept the price negotiations, Feng Dongyang learned from the master’s there. The boss finally gave up resistance".

whether reluctantly, website ranking is always urging Shanghai dragon who continue to release the chain. They are looking for, registration, release, check, go! No matter where they release, website ranking will ignite the fire of hope.

Feng Dongyang this is the selection of classification information and B2B chain platform. Registered account, retained the name of the company, then.

Feng Dongyang found a traditional business owner, he took the initiative to contact the boss. From now on, the boss’s words with my younger brother’s future tuition. Looks like a good talk, half an hour later, Feng Dongyang has 40% grasp. However, there is still a long way to go. Roommate Fangxinbuxia, have called to come! Feng Dongyang has now become look dignified, dare not have the slightest distraction. But the pace of negotiation was slowed down.


on the tongue China: Shanghai dragon chain

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