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The value of 120 thousand yuan of network marketing planShaping entrepreneurship planning four how t


1. What is a team,

what kind of team is called a real team? The team is to give full play to the members of their own reserves of knowledge and skills, in order to work together, so as to achieve common goals. No man is perfect, every man has his faults, and all his merits. And for a real team, the most important thing is to attach importance to complementarity. Only by giving full play to this characteristic and allowing everyone in the team to play their own characteristics and complement each other, can they assemble huge forces to open up territory. Therefore, in the early stages of team building, complementarity is a factor that must be considered. Because everyone must play its own director, the director of each together, that is a huge force, the only way to go, only this team can play a maximum energy, make a career.


network marketing planning scheme of
1 site web analytics 3
1, traffic background statistics 2, 3
browse page and entrance analysis 3, passenger flow distribution of 3
4, and the search engine keywords: analysis of 3
2, client analysis of web page analysis 1, 4
page analysis of the overall 2, page label analysis 3, 4
hyperlink check 4, the browsing speed analysis of 4
5, source code analysis and design 4
3 website, the use of technology and design analysis of 5
1, the analysis of the current technology is reasonable by using 5
2, analysis of the site structure is reasonable 5
3, analysis of whether there is affinity, website design Easy to read 5
4, network marketing analysis based 5
1, 5
5 website analysis on the operation of 5
1, network investment analysis 2, 5
1, 6
2, web site optimization optimization 6
3 label page weight 6
4, compressed />5, 6
1 search website promotion 7
3, 7
2, the search engine ranking link exchange 7
3, Network advertising 8
1, 8
2, 8
3, web site operators training network marketing consultant 9

1, a web site analysis of Web site traffic analysis
install a set of traffic statistics system can determine the site, clear all current marketing effect, and also can analyze:
1, carrying the flow statistics

people are different:

defines the essential definition of a team, which is only the basis. The most important thing is that on this basis, according to their own conditions, to create a really can not go to the team. How to build a real team? This is a problem for entrepreneurs to give careful consideration. If we really want to build a team, it must be complementary, values, strategies and goals, beliefs and the correct selection on several aspects of this hard work, in view of this, the author will also give some aspects of this paper.

to build a team, first of all to find out what is the team, that is, the concept of the team. Only by figuring out the essential concept of a team can we build a truly invincible team. Team English, called Team, is a community of employees and management. It uses each member’s knowledge and skills to work together to solve problems and achieve the desired goals. The elements of the team are summarized as 5P, purpose, people, place, power, and plan. In order to create a strong team, you must reach the ultimate goal on the basis of a deep understanding of team definitions. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, for this, we must pay enough attention to.

2, unified values,

two, how to build a real team,

in shaping the entrepreneurial planning have to consider a problem clearly: if you select a team’s way of life, so how to choose a team? Team and individual advantages and disadvantages the author will not do too much of this, a main problem is how to choose a real team? How can we build a strong team that some of the problems?. I hope this article can bring you some new inspiration.

1 and complementary

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