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On the love of Shanghai seriously affect the site ranking algorithm

first, voting algorithm.

rules? Whether it is in the

now the situation is actually very clear, in order to greater share of the search engine market, love Shanghai presented to the user experience, the new algorithm of the maximum extent to meet the needs of the user, also introduced the corresponding rules, such as the green pomegranate algorithm, algorithm…… However, as the Shanghai dragon Er have you ever thought of these is the ultimate effect of the rank of the

third, correlation algorithm.

when we blindly pursue the website ranking, we considered what affect website ranking? Many Shanghai dragon will say is the search algorithm, of course, this is a must, only to meet the search engine rules so that your website is likely to participate in the rankings. Today the author Dennis to Chinese largest search engine – love Shanghai as an example, to talk about serious effects on our website ranking algorithm.

algorithm is embodied in the later love Shanghai in the new algorithm, not the relevant search results proposed in September 6th "is an extension of the algorithm. The content of the website is in line with the requirements of the relevant algorithm and the theme of the site page, not for drainage and choose not related industry information to be released. This is not even close related content >

we have to understand, follow these algorithms is a must, but when comply with these algorithms, we found that the rankings did not significantly improve. It also tells us that these were released the algorithm does affect the website, but it is not the greatest impact algorithm. So what exactly is the algorithm in the subtle influence of

website optimization?

second, matching algorithm.

voting algorithm chain votes from outside the station outside the chain or voting station, is a recognized on the web page. The voting algorithm directly reflects the user acceptance for the page, the page is a recommendation about. Generally we are by hyperlinks to realize the voting principle, but after years of reform the voting algorithm algorithm, pointing to the page is not a single page, otherwise it will be suspected of cheating and love Shanghai "exile". Straight here even more to say, we think that the links are not click past it would not be able to form the vote, so this kind of link is useless in the voting algorithm, only a web page exposure rate reflected; moreover, we do not only voting stations link released on a platform, to expand to 2~3 platform, so the probability of success will vote.

matching algorithm, now we most often applied to the title and website is the website META on the label, the position is relatively higher weight position. Another is to the keywords we mainly introduced as far as possible to add in the content of the website and the inside and outside the station anchor text link. But note that the station to the main keyword matching the recommended density, don’t try to add, so as to avoid the accumulation of interpretation for the optimization of keywords is excessive.

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