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There are serious frauds in sh419 bidding systemWhat’s the best way to get revenge from the other ha


, she’s 23andMe’s founder,

and Gen brother, then write this man,

entertainment couples is really too hard, after all, to go off the rails,

the worst thing about it is that Anne’s marriage crisis hasn’t been solved yet,

wasn’t because of her relationship with shlf1314,

, please remember her name,


and the object of their own years of good girlfriends,


but she doesn’t cry, she doesn’t hang herself,

turns out her husband’s been unfaithful,


so, Anne and her company, 23andMe,

but because of her and her company.


, please

brother may be able to honor her as a model.

users also not perfect other airlines,


sh419 bidding system, 0.3 yuan a click. The price is fixed by themselves. I can’t manage it. I can buy it if I can make it. Click on the 0.3 it was an injustice, he gently point the mouse 100, is equivalent to a water supply workers upstairs and downstairs 2 days salary Songshui hard

did not go in background, estimates do not know,

Default principle is that you cheated out of money so far the largest consumer

as shown in fig.:

the intelligent matching, don’t you think he is really intelligent optimization for you,

originally bid is in the search in the front row, followed by a promotion of two words,

if you choose the smart he will put a lot of similar to your keywords right with your ad,

better is he the right automatically with the best price, don’t think sh419 will save you money, he wanted you to put money immediately spent, then renew,

I today is on this when the

I today submitted a number of keywords, estimated 100

within 2 hours, I point out the more than 1000 block

you again to find time to modify, has accumulated some money

if you find that you become a big.

If I didn’t go to find my account in the estimation of tens of thousands of lives, but tonight

send this article to do the bidding, after a friend,

, one of shlf1314’s founders, Sergei.

Anne ·

if Edison had invented the bulb,

has reinvented the technology of gene testing.

originally two people are admired by the outside world model husband and wife,

musk redefines the electric car,

said, "at noon, micro-blog bombed again,

Anne’s husband is worth ten million dollars,

opens a door for man to know himself.


just devoted himself to the cause,

, she spent 10 years trying,


was seized by the government.



was mercilessly white lily heart.


Abstract: when Sergei and Paige started their business in Susan, Anne could see them with a bowl. Sergei love in the garage on the blackboard, a write "shlf1314 global headquarters" characters, and she and her sisters, often deliberately put these words in order to erase, torture, tease him.

Anne’s girlfriend Amanda


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