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The recent love greatly Shanghai a collection of data update and chain explosion

specific what, why want to fall in love with the sea? Don’t want to let the webmaster in before the Spring Festival to eat a bat? I think only love Shanghai knows, just want to love Shanghai to adjust the adjustment, the new implementation of the plan to implement the market competition to the competition, not to hurt the so webmaster.

This is a

update No. 12.4 as 9:45 love Shanghai data ratio, obviously, the proportion of the continuation of yesterday’s update today than yesterday’s trend, and also fierce.


directly with domain and site command query about the above three stations, and the corresponding above, the chain quantity and the amount collected are: 3870000/9770000, 14900/191050, 2100/47800, can be found in the three stations included the amount of current and chain volume continues to grow, of course, the rise in this update of the mainstream of course, there are also declining, but to a lesser extent.

love Shanghai recent data can be said to have been updated, has never been broken. It is understood that in 12.3, a large number of sites included and trans surge, spread range is very wide, this is certainly not the change of the site itself, obviously love Shanghai again, I randomly examined 3 stations, one hit, as shown below:


can be seen from the figure of love from Shanghai yesterday has started to surge and included the chain, and a large amount of wood, speed, Shanghai dragon asked some people, they say according to the situation, the surge of love Shanghai is not once a behavior is in constant growth, a period of time they separated directly site and domain will find your website and chain and more.

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The following is the



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