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Three preliminary discussion on the development of Shanghai Dragon

grassroots webmaster

disadvantages: enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng must be under great pressure, enterprises tend to expect earnings of the network assisted by Shanghai dragon body, once the failure easily scolded by the boss or even directly expelled from the enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng wages medium water products, but to buy a house, buy a car, marriage is really difficult.


Shanghai dragon industry competition is more and more big, Shanghai dragon entry is not difficult, web editing, chain extension personnel, bidding to quickly switch to a Shanghai dragon, although the lack of Shanghai dragon elite talent, but want to become Shanghai dragon elite may not be so easy, the future development direction of Shanghai dragon has many kinds, according to their views in the following simple explanation of the four directions of the initial development of some Shanghai dragon, you can type according to their own situation.

: in Shanghai dragon industry the best we can in a period of enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng, give yourself more experience, networking, networking is the most important resource of advanced society.



advantages: although "grassroots webmaster bitter", but if you have the ability to do, to do good, the profit is very high, do not say anything else, only your site can value a lot of money, more grassroots webmaster exercise, to the maximum extent possible to improve the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng a full capacity.

, a company of Shanghai dragon


ultimate goal of webmasters, saying that want to succeed must have their own team, such as more said, Shanghai dragon before the age of 30 is not own >

disadvantages: high investment and high risk, of course, the profit is also large, "the higher the risk investment" on the other hand can reflect the risks and profits are directly proportional to the entrepreneur is a risk business, see you have this bet, dare the bet.

disadvantages: "tired", Shanghai dragon in the grassroots is the most tired, a person, a person outside the chain, update the article a person orders, known as bitter webmaster, there is a need for more professional knowledge, basic knowledge of HTML language is as a webmaster, and domain names like knowledge must understand.

business requirements for

advantages: create your own career within each of us, "success" is the meaning of success, as long as after right, income is very high, and can reach more senior people in the society, can say "no business experience is not a complete life".

advantages: enterprise Shanghai dragon is a very exercise person’s position, a wide range of contacts, can learn many things. Shanghai dragon business contact with many people, to establish a wide range of contacts, if after the business, personal connections can make us more successful.

build their own team

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