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Mobile e commerce PK PC e commerce which wins or defeat

in the development of mobile e-commerce more quickly today, many electricity providers see mobile hope, therefore, investors put more money into the development of mobile providers, and now, more mobile phone function, users chose to use mobile phone shopping is also rising. Recently, the mobile electricity supplier information, many large websites have launched a mobile client platform, they are visible, optimistic, then comparing the related data of mobile client and PC business, will be a result of how


see a set of data, and everyone to share:

well, from these data, it seems that the advantages of mobile Internet access is not small, but, in fact, between the two in the end in e-commerce, what are their strengths and weaknesses?

PC e-commerce:


1, the purchase process is mature, this will be the computer shopping, for many users, is a very familiar process, and this process is simplified.

2, the user experience is good, check whether it is commodity, from entering the website to buy this product, reflected in the whole process, and the clarity of the picture, there are direct online consultation, can achieve better service, allowing users to have a better shopping experience.

3, select the comparison platform more. Enough a lot of time the friends of friends on the Internet, more willing to slowly pick goods than three, after all, is also a shopping, online shopping, shopping process, no less than the goods, if these words.

4, promotion is more convenient, as long as the Internet, network technology platform to support the promotion of the online shopping platform is more convenient, and highly targeted, as long as the Internet friends, who are likely to become the online shopping of people.


1, need to have a fixed network, if there is no network, or there is no wireless network coverage area, is unable to access the network, and the cost is relatively high, even if is the direct use of the wireless network card and the like, also need to take a walk.

2, computer objects are relatively large, and the power shortage. There are relatively large, with a very convenient to go out, but the lack of electricity, the desktop can not be connected directly to the next, and the notebook will be about 2 hours.

3, the price is relatively high, the relative price of computer now people, or "precious" items, so the purchase cost, some condition is not good netizens friends, no good conditions in online shopping.

mobile e-commerce:


1, compact and convenient, anytime, anywhere consumption, bar code technology, two-dimensional code technology to make mobile shopping users experience more.

2, network support, as long as you can answer the phone >

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