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Shanghai dragon Er how to look at the chain this piece


this method may play a big advantage in the future of Shanghai Longfeng, now is the case, outside the chain of resources for the performance of their own self-sufficient blog, a website to provide the chain to your site, although this method is very laborious and requires a fixed input, such as a blog, need long time update and energy treatment, now a lot of self blog is not a blog called it "

chain is one of many people do Shanghai Longfeng sensitive topics, from the forum and reply to the number of hits, all related to the chain this are discussed more fierce, especially for the novice faster and more interested in, today to talk about how to treat the Shanghai dragon Er chain this piece.

, reciprocal

, self-sufficient


Development of The

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Shanghai dragon, the competition is more and more big, the future of Shanghai dragon fight is the technology, people and resources, three are indispensable, in fact every industry is so light, there is not necessarily technology in the industry is well mixed, but also a network of resources to support, to be able to walk the more comfortable now, in the face of fierce competition in Shanghai dragon industry, many Shanghai dragon Er feel less adapted to the first piece of technology, although seemingly content is not high, the chain can send some keywords ranking up, but the real truth, will feel the difference between ourselves and others.

with the intense competition in the industry of Shanghai dragon, many Shanghai dragon Er to keywords ranking the chain is also use unscrupulous divisive tactics, chaos, although seemingly made a lot of the chain, but careful analysis will find that a lot of the chain are in the same account, but the content is shit, basically is to copy and paste, or what are the pseudo original, and then insert a link, although some articles will be included, but the probability is very low, one day send hundreds of the chain, included a dozens of is very good, so efficiency is extremely low, and so on the website of Shanghai dragon is also a good method of operation, the chain lost too much will lead to the site to drop right, this is very common.

outside the chain of resources, exchange can make mutual benefit, between Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix Er Er can help each other, for example, we published an article that they can help reproduced, so the chain is widely done in place; even so is in the chain, no one willing to send the website waste articles and advertisements for you, if you have a good quality of the article, believe that the administrator saw, many will leave a link to you, soft Wen contribute is so, we must give high quality articles to pass, and to their weight high website, but also bring us a link to our website is benefit, which is the performance of mutual reciprocity; in fact, the chain the more use of this, to play a role in the Shanghai dragon or very large.

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