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Shanghai dragon ER how to grasp the internal and external chain of the golden ratio


4, transfer the weight chain: the chain over weight is the highest, because the spider itself love to eat something new, naturally give higher weight of the original article; plus if someone reproduced, so weight transfer will be higher, like the release of soft paper in A5.

In addition some sites even in the

1 for friends of the chain, we are very clear, is the site exchange links, there is not much to say. We all know

?We all know

3, the spider chain: the chain is to let the search engines your post at the same time, also visit our website, the website also give us a snapshot. Such as blog, classification of information etc..

we do Shanghai dragon knows that the core of the web site optimization is the site within the chain and the site outside the chain, but the chain and the chain ratio in terms of everybody is a fog, below to thin thin net Xiaobian take you together how to grasp the internal and external chain of Shanghai dragon ER the golden ratio is

This website has

chain rarely could have very high weight, such as A5, Shanghai dragon why, these sites are submitting the webmaster, very few of them have links to each other, because they have a high quality of the support, as can be.

this site has been maintained in the proportion of 5:4, the ranking of this site is very stable, potential customers bring every day is very large. (this site is not revealed) and another site on the tragedy, as follows:

With the chain chain

enough to see the chain, too much is not necessarily a good thing. For foreign is also divided into many kinds, such as friends of the chain, the chain, keyword spider chain, the weights of the chain transfer.


2, outside the chain of the chain is in the key words above plus a link to our site, general quality requirements are not too high, as in the high weight platform replies, messages, comments, such as the A5 forum signature.

fast 2 months, is registered in the registration had expired domain names, more than 60 thousand trans, a period of time before the line are included, but in terms of the home page, but after a few days, love Shanghai became the 0, has so far are not included.


to do the optimization, inside and outside the chain chain is essential to our website, many people think that the chain is the more the better, leads to a lot of people doing the new website, tend to choose the chain over the expired domain name does not know this for. Our Shanghai dragon is very large in terms of malpractice. In fact, small study found that in the chain and the chain is the most suitable for the optimization of the golden ratio is 5:4. As shown below:

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