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Summarize several common BBS signature chain form

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in Shanghai dragon in the course of our forces, the chain has been one of the important part of. But in Shanghai Longfeng circle, site optimization is the most important goal is to increase the site outside of the chain, and enhance the site’s weight. In the construction of the chain, a chain of channels we use most often is non forum outside the chain, in the forum outside the chain mainly is composed of the forum signature. So how to set up to make own BBS signature chain more effective? This question I think a lot of optimization personnel all have their own way. The author today on the analysis of three kinds of our common to the forum outside the chain form.

if you observe the forum signature form carefully, you will find some signature is dazzling. The same with our A5 forum as an example, when your membership level reached A5, then your signature is not character limit, then we can do not care about the character limit, make our signature more colorful to attract visitors. Figure:

forum for signature, many people believe that because the account level is not enough, resulting in the length of the signature on the wall, there are many requirements for the forum level is very high, if the level is too low for too long it can not display the signature. The signature of the chain and we can only try to simple. As shown below:

, a simple type of

in these forums, if we set the general effect you need to use some of the code, if your level is not enough, can only use simple anchor text links. Of course, this chain can only be said to have a certain effect on our Shanghai dragon, to improve their site visibility and exposure rate has little effect, after all, such a simple font does not cause the attention of visitors. But for us to use the forum to do outside the chain is also a good choice.


forum has different limits for the forum signature, such as signature in the Admin5 forum is the number of words is with the level of increase add up, generally reaching the A4 level, our forum signature will be enough, at least you can put three hundred characters, for us it is enough. At this point we can no longer entangled in the character is not enough, we can bold signature, as shown below:


we can find that the contents of the forum and our signature font font is the same, if we can put our signature bold words can easily get the attention of visitors. To increase the site’s exposure rate. At the same time for search engine optimization, bold can reflect our anchor text on the page of the position, increase the weight we link.

two, the anchor text in bold type


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