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Shanghai Longfeng interview analysis of wonderful interview questions about love Shanghai algorithm

on the first impression, but the interview interview details and so on, these are not what I want to say today, we want to talk about today is called a "God" of the wonderful interview experience, listen to me explain:

station program? ?

and so on and so on normal Shanghai Dragon technology interview

My friend

1, you will know the station?




analysis of

4, contact with the black hat Shanghai dragon? Do you have any

3, if it is found that the website ranking dropped

analysis there are two possibilities:

the interview is one of my friends reflect to me, the whole process of the interview was no more than ten minutes, 8 minutes before the interview all normal, asked about some of the

keyword optimization?


station, Shanghai station, black hat dragon group problemFor example:

these problems, friends are all still done answer fluently, in recent years Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, which for him is not something

1, the company did not really want to.

what do you do?

interview is a necessary part of a lot of job seekers entering the workplace, because the job position is different, the interview in different ways, but no matter what kind of interview, the interviewer first impression of job seekers are very important, because a certain details do not you, it is also possible for a the details of your doing a good place, the interviewer decided on the spot to decide you.

…… ?


from the reaction of the situation, I personally feel that this interview friend communication and his answer is not what is wrong, if it is the company that is sure to have, but why would finally put forward such a problem?

5, there is no way to fast ranking what? You can do


6, can you operate a station group? What needs attention?

2, give you a website, you need a long time to put up the

2 minutes but what happened next you can’t imagine, this specific scene I will not elaborate, just take out a wonderful problem behind 2 minutes asked to share with you, the problem is that the "love the sea since its inception, has experienced many times of love Shanghai algorithm change, and tell the algorithm every change of time, what is the name?", and "atmospheric" said, as long as you answer this question, you don’t have to say that the salary of 600012000 that we are able to give to you

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