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Shanghai dragon combat skills also said a minute on the stage takes ten years


network, a variety of "Shanghai dragon skills" is an eternal topic in

"to make a little money on technology, earn more money by skill", therefore, people and the Shanghai dragon ER Wangzhuan is very concerned about the actual type of "learn a variety of efficient tips". Indeed, there are some tips for any industry multiplier, if mastered more of these tips, detours at work, or even a winner, this is one of the most normal.

therefore, even if we can not refuse the temptation of Shanghai dragon stunt, "but whenever I helpless self-improvement" should be our.

it is because of this, China Ping Shanghai Dragon said, in the years of Shanghai Longfeng work, he summed up a lot of effective Shanghai Longfeng tips, once open second days, everyone can not be used.

so, although there are a variety of "Shanghai dragon skills", but eager to pursue various "Shanghai dragon tricks" we cannot forget who you are, most of us are weak grassroots contacts, extremely limited. If all the effective "Shanghai dragon secret", "network marketing secret" easily into our hands. Almost certainly, these so-called secret has been popularized in large areas, the utility has been greatly reduced; may do more harm than good after use, what is more, if unchecked, may also be the search engine hit, then is he regret past doings ", regret the intestines are green.

is the Shanghai dragon tips failure, no more than two reasons: one is the many shortcomings of combat skills to search engine, search engine with anti cheating technology continues to improve, increasing the power of combat related websites, such as "keywords label, ALT label", "keyword density" and "the domain name contains the keyword" and all kinds of quiz website advertising chain; two is due to all the sites to use a large number of Shanghai dragon fall over each other these tips, making these effective tips Shanghai dragon gradually lost the peculiar role of the past, such as forum anchor text signature, network bookmarks chain method.

but then again, all these years, we have been chasing the Shanghai Dragon (network marketing tips) less? Take it — "Shanghai dragon Keywords tag, ALT tag appears more keywords help ranking, keyword density greater help ranking" and "the domain name contains keywords to help rank", "invisible hidden keywords or hidden links help ranking" and "network bookmarks chain"; for example, blog comments, forum anchor text signature etc..

on the other hand, everyone for a variety of combat skills of a small favor, but also reflects the more people on the various with the practice of the theory of "rigid boring –" practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

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