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After the revision of the five large area site remedial measures

2. flat.

4. high weight Links

website architecture must be flat, according to the website search engine will determine the weights of the site spider climb up to the depth, when the weight of high site, spider crawling is very deep, but once the website right down, the spider will not take up the deep, will lead to sharp reduction. Included flat on the website can guarantee the spider to the bottom of the page on the website of the internal links included favorable. Also we should pay attention to the most relevant links within the page directory. Link between directory links. At the same time do not make bread the night path, to ensure that every page has access to a path to.

website search engine will have to re recognize to modify the site, this time is to enter the sandbox, if the performance is good, to put out, give the weight is very high, if the performance is not good, a new round of drop right began. The modified site drop right is certain. A love of Shanghai this is a page to page to a weight value will be included, high quality articles can give you more love Shanghai good impression. The original article love Shanghai crawl after comparison, found not the same, it is too quickly. Do not look for some articles after Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V from the Internet. This love Shanghai will think you spam. So a further blow.

website, search engine to know, to attract a spider to climb, that is a spider to site with high activity, Shanghai to determine your love has a new entrance. The quality of the chain is a chain of related industries, my website is doing chemical if I go, some sell clothing in the forum to send information, have their chain of love. Shanghai has a latent semantic indexing principle, it is concluded that the article is good or bad, but can tell the article with your site has no relevance, how to determine the quality of the external links you, if possible the quality of the chain a lot of bad words site is down right will increase.

After a large area of the

weight on the link weight, a high weight site and you made a Links.

processing steps as follows The station structure of

1. high quality original articles

When we put the site

, title, keywords, description are written and submitted to the major search engines. It should be beneficial for all test data may help to detect, see is not selected keywords to meet the user’s search engine, what are the key words is the effect which is not effect. Then the site into a second time adjustment. But when choice is not reasonable, resulting in a large area now changes to the site, the site came right to follow. If handled improperly will appear to be the key word ranking website K. When we have a large area change to do.

3. quality chain

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