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5 minutes of easy to fix web data analysis



1, to find traces of

geographical distribution is the same reason, if your site is the product class, so the geographical distribution is very important, such as Cantonese search your product most, so should not be in Guangdong area keywords distribution? Understand now?

usually UV is greater than IP, while PV is UV times, imagine if the bounce rate above 90%, the site is a waste, love Shanghai will think your site for users have no experience at all, direct the weight to others, the final result you know!


can clearly see the PV, UV, IP, the bounce rate of our website from the love of Shanghai statistical tools background, why love Shanghai will use the data in the background of several of the most prominent position? Clever Shanghai dragon have guessed, love Shanghai now for the whole weight of the site of judgment this is the source of several important data.

generally do not necessarily better, but the quality is good, so the quality of where to see? Is love from Shanghai webmaster tools? If you want to do, I can not stop the teenager, you fall in love with the sea from the analysis of the source! Statistics can be seen in our website which the chain is a maximum flow entrance, after the analysis can be targeted to the entrance flow by adjusting the release amount, and the entrance flow small can give up, after all, we were less is not enough, the limited energy of

most of the time, we do not like Shanghai dragon out of the question, to solve the problem of amplification, but the usual bit by bit through our experience to find the problems, such as: Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning network traffic appears is sliding on the small details to solve the problem. With these questions we will make website data analysis problems become simple and direct.


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read a lot of articles here, found written website data analysis features, so there is now this article. In today’s era of big data if still buried outside the chain of hair, and the whole false original article, then you really should put aside everything to rest. Throughout the Internet, which is not to rely on data analysis to adjust their products, so our website will begin to enter the data analysis time, to discover the site of their own problems, and then solve the problem, rather than blindly rely on guess, following Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning network will give you 5 minutes to easily fix dry cargo on site data analysis of

3, website source analysis, the geographical distribution is a magic weapon

The chain of our website

2, the website data analysis to PV, UV, IP often concerned, jump out rate of

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