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Shanghai dragon enterprise web site optimization need to pay attention to

Shanghai Longfeng for different site significance, such as relying on the survival of the site through the flow of Shanghai dragon to get traffic, to improve the website included quantity site to improve the site included the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization is usually for marketing, also is to optimize the site, to guarantee the success of the product marketing Shanghai dragon is Shanghai dragon.

keyword to precise positioning


enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than to achieve sales objectives, then, when the selected keyword must be completely accurate, not the pursuit of high heat flow and to choose keywords, website of Shanghai dragon real purpose is the pursuit of high conversion rate, for example, we obtained 100 IP through the 100 keywords. IP 5 is the only effective customer, and we through the addition of low degree of keywords for 10 IP, the 10 IP has 8 effective customers, so the key position of Shanghai dragon to be precise and more.

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simple and clear showcase the company’s products and services, improve the user experience of

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enterprise website Shanghai, do not blindly pursue the flow


many companies website, basically never go to any maintenance, such as product updates, Trojan removal, search engines love new information, only the site of some long-term maintenance, let search engine dynamic feel of your web site, so you can be a long time stable ranking.

many enterprise website go misunderstanding, the pursuit of the appearance of complex or lead to decline of the user experience, such as some enterprise website layout too many website information, using flash to design websites, this view is wrong, a quality enterprise website should be simple and clear introduction of the enterprise, show business products and services, while allowing users to browse websites can easily find the relevant information, user experience sites will be based on long-term search engine.

many customers are in the wrong Shanghai dragon, love for web traffic to pay through traffic, this view is wrong, if some irresponsible companies, they can use other means to get more traffic, such as some popular key words. It can be said that meaningless product sales and product related keywords over the flow of enterprise, we have to do is to find someone you can find your product key, you can.

enterprise website Shanghai dragon also pay attention to the maintenance of

  a successful website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategies need to pay attention to the following 4 factors:

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