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Shanghai Longfeng Shenhuqiji optimization is not to avoid going astray

optimization, the primary station to senior webmaster topic. How to do search engine optimization, how to improve website ranking and weights through optimization. The massive articles emerge in an endless stream raises a lot of contrast, each one sticks to his own view optimization concept, thus inevitably lead to a topic: Shanghai dragon optimization really Shenhuqiji? This paper holds the following views are discussed:

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai has caused a wave of dragon optimization attention, because it is a value. Relative to the search engine promotion, is undoubtedly cheaper money for better and more long-term interests. The promotion made for only one keyword keyword, but by Shanghai dragon optimization will be several main keywords, and dozens of hundreds of long tail keywords. Therefore the value is stronger than the search engine promotion. However, search engine optimization is not produced, on the basis of more effort and effort to pay. It mainly includes two aspects: the station outside the station. Standing outside the industry analysis, competitor judgment, website promotion, text, website structure optimization, keyword optimization etc.. But this is to see more pay more, the effect will be better, being respected is only hard assurance.

: Shanghai dragon optimization


four: treat Shanghai dragon

Shanghai Longfeng optimization as the name suggests, is a search engine optimization. Through the search engine optimization guide special, and thus more conducive to the search engine index, in order to improve the website ranking weight effect. The optimization of flow will follow, the website also can quickly through the flow of profit. So, small owners are all fond of the love of the Shanghai dragon optimization. However, the bad, Shanghai dragon also can make the website optimization not embark on a road of no return. The light is right down to reduce weight is included, web sites are blocked.

optimization of the whole site it is up to a "perfect" role, regardless of optimization do good, is still relying on the backing of the site itself. It is necessary to start from the user and search engine, can be said that the search engine is a service for the user, but itself only as a medium, the needs of the user information indexing arrangement of feedback to the user. So, the core value of a website is content with the theme. There is no substantive content, and optimize the empty shell, at best is only a "dump", even though every day with Everfount collection, pseudo original, what is the use? Even if the user read will feel boring and exit the browser, search engine pull hair. To destroy the readability of your site for the price will be a lot of time to optimize the The loss outweighs the gain. too. So, don’t be overly respected Shanghai dragon, stationmaster change clear understanding of this point, the clear priorities don’t lost the direction of development, will be the way.

two: Shenhuqiji behind


optimization is only icing on the cakeShanghai dragon

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