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Love Shanghai webmaster should be how to deal with the cancellation of snapshot date

love Shanghai, will have the most direct impact on the optimization of Shanghai dragon, before, love Shanghai is optimized for snapshot algorithm, cancel the snapshot date display this function, it makes a lot of websites rely on love Shanghai snapshot promote row name is difficult to achieve, and if the website snapshot time can be displayed, often let the webmaster have doubts about the update frequency of the site and weight, so for the website optimization effect may bring certain influence.

and with the love of Shanghai intelligent algorithm to enhance the level of the cheating could be easily detected spider love Shanghai, so this approach can only be self defeating, how do the webmaster can eliminate the love Shanghai time snapshot of the adjustment and optimization of a very significant upgrade? "

is an opportunistic approach before webmaster strategy is changed, when love Shanghai to put the website content time displayed in the search results, some optimization staff had to imagine seems to be the last released content to change the time, let the old content for a time, then not to be able to appeal to you again those who pay attention to the timeliness of the user? But you know Shanghai is the essence of love the content included the content you have stored in the distributed database, if you modify the contents of the time after the recognition will make love spiders in Shanghai this time once again contrast, find your time there is cheating you can imagine, your site will have a negative impact is very great.

if in this love Shanghai search algorithm, so the user can see the specific release time of every content in the search results, if the user for information timeliness or timeliness requirements are, so before you can row love Shanghai snapshot on the front page, it is very difficult to be clicked, because the content of the the release time has been clear, but not love Shanghai that time instant snapshot, the user can better see through the search results to prove the existence of help.

from the point of view of the optimization of love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot function, its essence is to better serve their users, and for the influence of owners may arise, and not think too much, but I think this love Shanghai for users to consider it worth all the webmaster attention, because we operate the site, its essence is to service users, then in the premise of the same target, the webmaster should optimize their website time to act quickly.

A little change in the algorithm on the

but this love Shanghai also given an official explanation, and clearly does not love Shanghai snapshot can affect the website weight, because the actual address can not show the snapshot, but for the love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot algorithm to explain very clearly, it is time to show more is released in the search results, but this time is not on the content of the final ranking effect, owners only need to identify web content accurate real time can be released.

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