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The search engine how to judge the original degree

how to judge the original

not included doesn’t mean not grab

[Shanghai] open love Webmaster Platform click on the left navigation website [i] – [management] – [add site site] – enter the website domain name, according to their own conditions to verify the site.

was not released, but has been grasping and recognition of these two processes, here in particular about the capture process, when the site after the establishment, submitted to the search engine, search engine basically every day to grab, you can try to install love Shanghai cloud acceleration statistics background can crawl the page if not, grab, also can be in love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform set crawl frequency and sitemap automatically push, so grab is no pressure. Setting method is as follows:

is not your site article, write your own, you will be search engine that this.

then click on the left navigation page [] [] – grab link management – submit options [sitemap], then your site map submitted update time with your site to set, such as a web site updated daily an article, then fill in 1 days, forums, portals may add more many.


someone said his article is plagiarism, and plagiarism included, she has not been included, I once I also think so, even I use shielding right, shielding and other means to copy copy of the malicious competition behavior restraint, in this regard, today I have different views, there are different views.


map written robots inside, grab is basically no problem, then enter the identification system, each of the web pages, you will identify contrast, whether there will be repeated, and how many Internet content repeat, and determine the page from the original. It has been determined that in the time of the original, talk again included, who collected first representative who is the original


many of my friends think so, my article was not included, and copy is included, so love Shanghai to judge their own plagiarism others’ articles, so their weight also has been not to come, there has been no ranking. In fact, this is a wrong idea that I had mentioned in the article ranking rules love Shanghai, love Shanghai included the need to go through the capture – Identification – the release of the three process. In the release process, need to determine the overall quality of the site, when the overall site quality, included relatively quickly, when the overall credibility did not reach the standard of love love Shanghai, Shanghai will retain your articles, not to be released.

indeed, in order to develop the Shanghai dragon, he worked hard to write two articles of the original article, is a large website copy second, and his site is not included, this is a very embarrassing thing, it is not included, it is not the original

In addition to the sitemap

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