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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched Shanghai Dragon Master recruitment activities

2, users can participate in the activities of the content: in the website operation optimization example sharing "theme from the angle of their own good experience sharing website.

4, published in the content, the user can choose to provide their own website and post.

1 platform, activities, users in the activities posted replies to express their experience to share articles (must be in love Shanghai Webmaster Platform first, and for the original article).


webmaster community all users

, 1 themes: website operation optimization example share.

] activity rulesDuring the

voting time: April 25th -5 month 7 days

3, the top 10 users will get an air purifier; at the same time, won the 2013 Shanghai love Webmaster Platform high-end salon and Shanghai dragon club on the head of the community master forum invitation. Excellent article will recommend in the webmaster community and love Shanghai Webmaster Platform official website of micro-blog key at the end of the event.


5, the need to participate in the activities of the original article, prohibit copying copy reprint, if found will cancel the eligibility of activities.

station network (www.admin5贵族宝贝) April 2nd news, in order to better promote the sharing and exchange of experience between the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform organized special "website optimization share" essay contest. Welcome all the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng professionals to participate in activities, share their optimization examples of Shanghai dragon. In addition to Physical contest awards, the top 10 users will get Webmaster Platform 2013 love Shanghai Shanghai dragon club high-end salon invitations, face-to-face exchanges with Lee! This competition of the opportunity to have access to Lee online review guide!

] activity object


] content requirements


6, this activity allows all users posted within the community to prohibit replies, but advertising content, if found will be banned.

official examination time: April 22nd -4 month 24 days

format requirements for "title + content" in the form of words should be no less than 600 words, pictures and other forms of support.


2, 24 Lee for all the completion of first instance, selected 20 articles to vote, 3 votes per user limit.

4, ranking 11-20 users will receive awards for a humidifier, the article will be published in the webmaster recommended community "website operation forum" key.

submission time: April 2nd – April 21st

] activity time


] Award Announced


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