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n the implementation of outstanding beauty lele


said today is not the transformation itself! But what?

was to see their efforts, this is sincerely convinced, occupy the home position is to pay they deserve, but was also considered a transformation problem, has not been carefully studied, this is something

we are going to have the Shanghai dragon shares.

is now the weight of 6, less than 30 thousand of peak flow station to love, is in the top 300 thousand


in the last year, I also noticed this station, together with friends to discuss, feel the real station is too strong, before the data is not retained, the figure [] hadron portal


! !

can see the beauty Lele station flow has been reduced to 1/10 at the peak, the weight also decreased from 8 to 6, I have a long tail word search in many industries are beautiful Lele forum posts occupy the position of the home page, so that special attention to this station, then study a little, this forum most is their own editing in the reply is targeted at repeat keywords, and external links to import a large number of forums and blogs in

beauty Lele website ranking page mostly forum posts, URL BBS, now basically is with the article of the page, and the focus is here, before the forum can make beauty Lele giant, do forum page for now, still can occupy the long tail traffic so much, what this shows that, the title I can explain this problem! Their execution is in place! Not much else to say, this point can get rid of a lot of competitors

see from the hadronic map can be, there are many other sectors of the long tail keywords flow America Lele such as: how to levy property tax, such as Wyeth milk powder the latest time!! you just said to me the maintenance industry, beauty Lele is furniture, and maintenance can say no more the relationship between this kind of words, so little value, see now basically have the word most associated with the furniture, so do the precise, on the surface, the conversion rate will be much better than before, there is no specific data is not

! !

now we compare these two data, can clearly see the gap, this is why? Once the beauty Lele’s down? Or are they not? Is this impressive forum now operating mode transition…

I want to


this article two titles, one is: the data is no longer bright is happy or sad? Second is now the title, see the hadronic beauty Lele website forum website optimization leader, decided to write a continuation of the article, so take second

good guess!Key

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