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WeChat mobile payment open reengineering a new era of scene marketingFrom the perspective of making

micro business development has benefited from a number of original sales and marketing people engaged in mining complex, the marketing and distribution model packaging as "share shopping", "circle of friends" social marketing "business" and so highfalutin word. To further benefit from the drive, so that a group of unknown rationale and master of propaganda quickly became popular throughout the net, killing many people unprepared. Also attracted numerous brands have entered the micro business to seize the high ground of envy.



is the group technology development service providers, the four league, Langyan dispute. The last remaining few, but the remaining group also went to the financing and capital markets. Originally trained through the sale of WeChat marketing, the so-called masters have earned a lot of quiet retreat or play other routines.

Why can

now personal or business or is a lot of choice to build Amoy to meet the various needs of their own, of course, want to make money by Amoy is far from a minority of people. In recent years, the rapid development of the group guest source, like many foreign guest authors are full-time guest, they quit their other work special guest at home, half of the monthly income of more than $3000. Of course, the money can only come from a guest, known as the Empire PowerEasy, he would have more than 20 guest. So whether you are a quasi professional guest hosting guest or ordinary official independent domain. Online advertising will bring you a certain amount of income, this money can at least help you pay online fees, hosting fees and so on.


always, always is one of the few people playing with most people, a few people often read look thoroughly. People get a sword in the sword, guiding a group of people to the theatre. This is a trick for thousands of years, but still can make a person enchanted.

is still doing WeChat development services, WeChat marketing services enterprises are mostly large and medium-sized technical team, can survive well, and constantly find new opportunities and the mainland. This comes from WeChat itself on the future line of the next scene of marketing, offline O2O solutions continue to explore and WeChat users high-frequency use of operational drivers. This kind of entrepreneur is getting stronger and stronger. If the trend of WeChat’s development is good, there will be a bigger and higher stage for jumping. From the current point of view, WeChat positioning all things Internet connector point of view, Xiao Bian very optimistic about such entrepreneurs, the following small series will continue to discuss with you WeChat development service providers to explore new scene marketing model innovation.

type 1: WeChat development service provider

here, however, reviews many of the illegal patterns of micro business, and has participated in transactions between micro business executives several times


some people are using it, some people are watching, some people are realizing, but under the WeChat ecology, you have three major opportunities that you do not know. WeChat has reached 700 million levels of population, WeChat spawned business opportunities have generated countless millions and tens of millions of rich people.

for the domain of independent guest, the situation is different. Independent domain name Guest House the guest can independently design layout, placement advertising, and the most important is the independent domain name by appropriate guest after optimization of the search engine rankings than other guest hosting providers should be higher. According to the content of active sponsors, but these are the words of the Tao, you must reach a certain quality and flow, you will have to find sponsors.

our domestic situation is now a little bit worse, the network advertising service is not very mature, can not make full use of traffic to make money. But most users choose like Sina, NetEase, and other such guest hosting providers, no absolute control of amoy. So the guest earn a month on thousands of pieces can only be most people’s wish. But a month get eighty ten pocket money or very easy.

second: Micro quotient

first look at the well-known "rich classification":

is the leading independent guest program to the Empire PowerEasy, in function optimization, have done a good job, you can install a station, it is convenient, I use now is the Empire, feeling good. If you are interested in one independent guest. Guest House www.taokegg original, please indicate the source.

The first batch of mining wealth after the birth of the WeChat

derivative is fascinating, it still captures the weakness of human nature "fear, greed, sloth, face" and so on. However, to see the overall decline in micro heat on the Internet, which we still feel a lot of confidence. To give you a screenshot of the data, but also to dispel some of the desire to engage in illegal micro merchants enthusiasm.


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