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Love crazy Shanghai K station is from 0 to 1 weight website

love crazy Shanghai K station, my site is from 0 to 1 weight weight, and never rang up to now ranking more keywords ranking. I this is the beneficiary of the

?In this paper,

June 18th: website snapshot included zero, zero, the website is K. Trans less a small part, is not empty.


since June 19th, my work is still every day to send some chain and share;

query window (below)


June 28th: records Key words: Xiamen

ran by the Xiamen public screen company: 贵族宝贝xmzrsc贵族宝贝 original, please respect the original information.

June 26th:


found the website to be included in 9 pages, the 9 have not included in the home page, the snapshot is still 0, this state lasted for two days;

snapshot of that date is June 15th, records included up to 74 keywords, ranking first.

in June 18th to 28 days, 10 days, just fall in love with sea tide K station development period. Most of the sites were K in the absence of signs of the situation, or stop updating the snapshot, or even included Kuangxiang weight zero, or the chain is clear and so on. Of course, I am in charge of the site can not escape, but all of the process and the result of my website 10 days may be different, at least for now. The following share:


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