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What is the fuzzy eyes of Shanghai dragon staff

I want to do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends and me, every day we go to work the first thing is to look at the keywords ranking is increased or decreased, if the rise, even if it is to enhance a, our hearts will be pleased with oneself, if dropped, can make the mood gloomy. This is the Shanghai dragon, let every friend to do site optimization thoughts. Every day we want to enhance the website ranking method for brains, integration inside and outside the station resources, to find the problem. It is often the result of the work we do is difficult to use mathematical arithmetic type: 1+1=2 mode to calculate. In other words we released a chain + update a station for the not = rankings. Sometimes we do the process of Shanghai dragon resources matching, despite many valuable content, web site keywords ranking it can go down, see peer website, website content people than our website content value, or search engines, or as well as the site outside the chain can be widespread. Is the site keywords ranking is better than my opponent website. In the face of these problems like too much to let us do Shanghai dragon personnel deeply confused and puzzled.

to search engine, especially in the domestic market position of the mainstream search engines, such as the Shanghai love of the search results, we observe carefully will find that, in the same industry, several contents with the property website, website content and website external links varies with the content of the website, search records much the website chain is not much less than ranking station of internal and external resources to high. Perhaps some friends will put forward the structure of the site and the experience will also affect the ranking factors, the fact that you carefully comparative analysis found that even close to the overall site layout, for a >

Shanghai dragon is a social subject, the reason why such a definition is Shanghai dragon behavior standard is the establishment of a search engine behavior of enterprises in some monopoly, no national unified standard rules. Website optimization is often based on the practical experience of senior master learning or training to.

search engine marketing for more than 3 years, review the hardships his journey, is a song accompaniment with happiness and sorrow. As the Shanghai dragon staff, I think many readers like me, have a common feeling of occupation, is Shanghai dragon industry forever is a change in the industry, we have a once and for all methods and strategies, much in our daily work value in the end, only to see the results speak, namely optimization the final result is the site keywords ranking and non decided our work is good or bad. Every day we have with a uncertain attitude, pay close attention to the recent changes in the search engine, or sometimes the website keywords ranking is good or bad, high and low mood is our happiness. The search engine to the nose always feel unable to stop. However, we have to be accustomed to the pain of working life. This is the Shanghai dragon occupation the eternal theme of "change".

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