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How to make our new website indexed by search engine recognition

Basic knowledge of website optimization is a

1, is to write the contents of the title or description sites are not with the search engine database existing content or similar. Detection method is to title or description content directly into the Shanghai love search, the search results more rosy repeated or similar content more marked. Then the title, description and keywords fully integrated, so more conducive to search engine positioning website keywords accurately.

novice Webmaster Station at the beginning of the first to understand the search engine Spider is a way to grab and ranking rules. This is to build a search site to receive the first condition caused by. A search engine that everyone knows is the search engine grab love new things, not all exist in the search engine database are caused by one of the objects first grab search. So when the novice webmaster to build websites but also pay attention to three points;

is 3, website content must be original, don’t try to build the website at the beginning of the original content, so as not to appear too pseudo original or directly copy and paste has been included in the search engine the article for a long time. This is the website of search engines are main factors of acceptance and recognition, as for how to write false original and original articles, this point most of the webmaster all know, here is no longer so many words.

the above three points is mainly made for the novice webmaster friends, mainly introduces three let search engine to accept the new website basic point. Can let a novice webmaster quickly clear the preparatory work site optimization. For the website optimization work is.

for many novice webmaster for how to successfully optimize a website, how the website main keywords do search engine home or a very confused things unknown. This website optimization according to the successful experience of 2 years for the novice webmaster summed up to three aspects of the website optimization. These three aspects mainly focus on how to make search engines from the site to a process of recognition site. Also I would like to remind, the content is only a word, the author for reference, really dry cargo still need to continue to practice to harvest.

2 is the site of the whole source and search engine library is best not to repeat too much, because now we all know that many novice webmaster in at the beginning of the site, how to prepare for the site code is not very understand, so many new Adsense choose imitation station. Imitation station means to copy others website source code, because a lot of imitation station all the network shared resources, so who would dare to conclude that imitation is the website do not know how many times has been imitated. So the novice webmaster in at the beginning of the site if imitation station, to find the best friend to help you understand the code slightly change the website source code, not similar to imitation website originally too much. This is also conducive to the search engines crawl.

Some websites,

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