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Webmaster how to improve the core competitiveness of Shanghai Longfeng own three Shanghai dragon men

on the choice of keywords must first meet the user search habits, pay attention to screening for keywords heat, my advice is "easy to difficult" difference method. Keywords layout better from the site at the top of the page, from upper left to lower right corner, followed by the laying of the site keywords, sometimes for the words to be bold with black handle to emphasize its importance.

1, Shanghai dragon thinking into every step of


for many people, attitude is everything, and in the process of Shanghai dragon, any small details should pay attention to in the mind to grasp, otherwise we will do very tired. In front of me and we talked about the Shanghai dragon we improve their core competitiveness needs to grasp the Shanghai Dragon Technology — "how to improve the core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon one: Shanghai Dragon Technology", there should be some Shanghai dragon resources — "master how to improve their core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon two: Shanghai Dragon resources", in fact, a aspects of these two aspects is to talk about the Shanghai dragon mentality, we need to pay attention to these two aspects in mind, do a good job in two aspects, so that we can in all the competitors fore. Tell us more about how we do need several Shanghai dragon mentality.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Shanghai dragon as we all know, this is a long process, the need to do is to insist, not necessarily adhere to is victory, but insisted that it will be a good harvest, if we do not insist that we won’t get what. Here we talked about perseverance and patience, in fact, we not only need to do a good job in the webmaster of the two aspects of mentality, there are many aspects need to pay attention to, while the Shanghai dragon mentality is the key to improve the core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon in our point. Today I am from the Shanghai dragon mentality to talk about them for some views on how to improve their core competitiveness.

The structure of the


website should pay attention to the structure to be clear and concise in the layout process, but also conducive to search engine spiders to help users browse, especially for the relevant recommendation, recommend to the rational use of hot. For example, you can go to any of a large portal to see their content page or column page are recommended, home hot spots are generally recommended, these are the use of the thinking in the layout of Shanghai dragon.

A, the website structure


do we all know Shanghai dragon website layout the main work is when the site selection and layout, keywords, website content, website Links forum website construction, the construction of the external links and so on several big, whatever we do what part of the work must remember a little, the Shanghai Dragon into thinking.


content of the construction of a lot of people say original, I do not mind the original or false original, as long as we can in time make the pseudo original content.

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