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Many webmaster forum adjustment implies that Shanghai dragon industry will have a big change

can best reflect the mentality of these Er Shanghai Longfeng station, whether it is light forum, Shanghai dragon why, A5 forum, Chinaz, the laggards, these Adsense BBS chain is rampant, many replies are meaningless words, such as "good" and "hard", "passed by this" and "study", these words not only meaningless, but also hurt the people’s feelings of every post. Not only is this reply, even the ZhuTie are garbage stickers, many Vintage Jiutie turned out to have hair, these so-called technology sharing posts in a few years ago has been out of date. This is reflected in the now Shanghai Longfeng er’s mentality, everyone hates not every post can leave a link to the root regardless of the correlation of the chain, a hospital stay is full of links of the chain webmaster forum, has several meanings? I can only give you a website the reduction of

is now more popular is the webmaster forum A5 forum, I think A5 is a good forum, but few people know who founded A5. Almost every friends stand are used in a Dede system, if you know this system is well know for sure this system is very good, yes, it is said that A5 is the development of Dede people to create. It seems to me that people are doing A5 is very good, almost to the extreme.

two, WHY also changed the Shanghai dragon

Forum recently light-years suddenly closed, bring us infinite thinking. Shanghai dragon road more and more difficult, but a lot of Shanghai dragon er or be able to see these problems.

today to see the Shanghai dragon why revision to the news, in fact, Shanghai dragon why revision because of what? I guess is Fu Wei saw light-years forum death, actually Shanghai dragon forum viscous mainly rely on the chain, can send the chain basically no one, of course, exclude those novice, novice is usually to the forum at the knowledge, learning technology, but come after all see the export share of technology, but seems thin are garbage stickers.

three, about A5

! I think

, talk about the webmaster and webmaster forum

From the

forum closed Shanghai dragon light why rectification, which reflects the station helpless, actually station are to meet Shanghai dragon Er, or cater to the webmaster, not to guide them.

if you don’t go to the revision Shanghai Longfeng will not why himself was forced to shut down. In fact, Fu Wei teacher than Zhang Guoping teacher will operate from Shanghai, this dragon why is a popular forum can be seen as two of the Shanghai Dragon technology we do not discuss. Why can Shanghai Longfeng do why, not because of this love link Shanghai dragon er? They are the achievements of the Shanghai dragon why, but now Shanghai dragon why has not need so much information needed is a everyone has the spirit of sharing boutique forum.

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