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How to use the anchor text to do website optimization route optimization

, position of the anchor text is the key growth

keywords The anchor text can not be more than

is part of a friend in the anchor text on the website screenwriters, if there are ABCDEFG these words in a sentence, part of the webmaster friends will ABCDEFG all add anchor text, this kind of technique on the surface is to increase the amount of the anchor text, but from a practical point of view, this approach has led to the anchor the text points to uncertainty, not only is the search engine, users will not even. Therefore I suggest webmaster friends try to choose short words when choosing the length of the anchor text, such as ABCDEFG, if ABC can explain a thing, then you only need to add anchor text in ABC can be, do not need to anchor text too long.

website optimization is a meticulous of work, this is not the same as with the traditional marketing, website optimization is more rigorous and precise search engine user attention, and want to do this work is to look at the head of the operation, today is the webmaster friends to talk about how to use the anchor text to optimize route about website optimization.

as everyone knows, the website anchor text is better than pure text effect in general, especially the relationship between the anchor text is able to reach the purpose of improving the site keywords ranking, most of the owners to set up a website is to think through the ranks to win more users, the following details about how to do the work site of the anchor text.

short word free long term power rankings

anchor text not flood, pointing to ascend the space

and webmaster friends in the anchor text and made many mistakes, an article originally appeared only 1000 words, 30 words, if the key is three words, is close to 100 words, 30 words for it and anchor text is the answer? Then, focus on the construction of the website highlighting the anchor text, only need to appear in the article of the first word and the last word and the anchor text can be, this is not in the search engine spiders crawled, in between nature will enhance the subject website, so as to make a web page the purpose of the rankings and included.

when the anchor text construction, some owners will be the anchor text for many words in the same piece of content, for example an article "good, I and you, his" four words, part of the webmaster will separately anchor text on these words, this approach is wrong that itself is only a paper, but also on a number of words of the anchor text, this approach allows the search engine spiders crawl in the search engine even puzzled, you do not know what is on what. So when we construct the anchor text is the first to highlight the core words, if you think of other words in the article have a role, then you can take a bold approach, remember a content only a core of anchor text.

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