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The enterprise website optimization how to get a good ranking

URL is the site of each page of the web site, an article must be as long as a web site, bad URL often increase the search engine grab information burden, some directly to the search engine shut out. Long, too many parameters to the search engine grab. URL generally follow the following principles: the principle of total station only; simple, concise principle; URL meaningful principle.

now love Shanghai attaches great importance to website title and description, the title and description can greatly promote the keywords ranking, the general title and description should include keywords, but certain keywords do not accumulate, with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, keywords accumulation is punished more and more dangerous.

now we mostly talk about the enterprise website optimization, so how to optimize the enterprise website can have a good rankings? According to the actual experience of the author, if you do well in the station optimization enterprise web station optimization and user experience will have a good ranking. Today the author to share with you how to optimize can have a good ranking of corporate website, hope to have a little help for the enterprise website optimization friends.


website optimization website directly determines whether best search rules of search engine, which affects the amount included in the keywords ranking and website, so enterprise website optimization is very important. The station optimization and adjustment with the site keywords ranking, the purpose is to promote the keywords ranking, website internal optimization mainly do the following aspects.

site navigation generally in accordance with the following rules, web site navigation to clear, to the user experience, allowing users to quickly find the content they want; in strict accordance with the contents of the column division; the breadcrumb navigation, the user can know the location of navigation; as far as possible the use of words, do not use pictures; navigation division should be appropriate, not too small.

, a part of the station optimization


1, title and description

is a website with many pages, web site navigation is used to guide users and search engines, if the navigation do not, some pages, search engines can not find, can not find the user. Good site navigation, to facilitate the search engines crawl the site navigation, also has the weight transfer function, weight transfer to the home page, page links page, then the weight transfer to the home page. Site navigation has a direct impact on the user experience, clear navigation greatly enhance the user’s favor.

site navigation optimization

of each page of the title and description should be different, if the station of a title, search engine will think there is a lot of duplication of information on the website, website ranking is very unfavorable. The title should be able to express the main idea of the article, the title directly affects the user experience, can greatly improve the click rate.

3, website optimization


2, website URL optimization

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