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Group purchase website originator Groupon and its daily purchase of the story

social shopping has been an important trend in the past few years, in which there are few more successful startups than Groupon. It has a relatively simple idea: provide a product to a group of customers every day. Details are a bit complicated, only the number of buyers to achieve a certain goal, the transaction can be successful. However, this is also a place to attract businesses Groupon – only a large number of goods shipped when prices can be so cheap. So, this is a win-win service for consumers and businesses.

I contacted Groupon CTO KenPelletier, who founded the company in 2007 when he was in the company, hoping to find out how Groupon was created and why it was so successful.

The birth of


Richard MacManus: can you tell us how Groupon conceived. In the early days, are you right?

Ken Pelletier: many people think Groupon was founded in November 08. At that time we did make a major change in our goals, but our real creation date was in early 07. Andrew Mason, our founder, put forward an idea to do a collection of attention platform, with the team’s strength to solve those problems that are difficult to solve. So, we have built such a platform (called The Point), we decided to do an experiment, just want to see such an idea can find facts support." This is an open platform, anyone can create a team with the nature of activities. At a tipping point and if you find enough people or money (such as a fund provider) – to be able to solve your problem, they do the job or provide the funds they guarantee. This is a basic model.

we have a few staff. I was one of the first employees to join, only after the founder Andrew. At that time we had a group of 4 or 5 people, and now there are still 3 people in the company.

At the end of 08 in the fall of

, we had a new idea to apply our model to the purchase of goods. The feeling will be heavy and difficult for us in logic, and the sales of the product must have sales staff and after-sales service. But then we decided to try it one more time just to see if it could be found. Then we found what we could do and what was the cheapest – some local businesses in Chicago, and some shopkeepers. The first owner and we are in the same building.

we have created a mailing list, and that we are best suited to provide a number of localized services – a product per day. We released something soon, and within weeks of our decision to do this, we built it.

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