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Jingdong accused of false propaganda to mislead the consumer to ten times the reward was v


data map. Turn from the rule of law weekend Weekend reporter Sun Zhenghua

Liu Qiangdong solemnly promised in an interview with micro-blog, Jingdong to buy fake 10 times the payment. Whether he can fulfill the promise of this commitment to constitute an offer, the legal effect of


Jingdong also met with activist Yang Zhanqing. He said, I just want a variety of ways, all rights to verify, see Jingdong on whether consumers keep a promise inviolate

Liu Qiangdong as chairman of the Jingdong micro-blog mall [] board of directors and chief executive officer, on behalf of Jingdong to buy fake mall promised to reward shoppers at least 10 times the payment is not fulfilled, a clear violation of the principle of good faith, no business ethics." Recently, the Jingdong shopping Yang Zhanqing questioned consumers.

Yang Zhanqing has been to Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 complaints center sent a letter "on the Jingdong store selling substandard silk was reported and the violation of consumer rights complaint", a letter detailing his shopping experience in Jingdong.

unqualified silk has not yet shelf

in December last year, the weather gradually cold, living in Guangzhou, Yang Zhanqing wanted to buy a bed for the family in Shenzhen. He found in the mall when browsing a Jingdong known as "Hengyuanxiang home textile cotton fabric ten hole silk autumn was the core" silk, the product description about the 5 major functions of silkworm was Hengyuanxiang, of which 3 functions and silk, and the silkworm cocoon / net and other deals Hengyuanxiang silk quilt production process. Product description in picture form contrast, tells the story of silk was adopted with a company level 100% and out of the ordinary mulberry silk material.

in the product parameters to introduce the quilt of the market price of more than 4000 yuan, the network price of more than 3000 yuan. And they only sell 499 yuan Jingdong mall, there are a lot of picture evidence. I’ll be tempted to buy! "Said Yang Zhanqing.

Yang Zhanqing in December 27, 2012 after receiving the goods, found that the silk bag is also good, but the quilt is very heavy, and imagined silk is far from the difference.

later he learned that the "silk country standards" (GB/T24252-2009) regulations, silk refers to the filler containing mulberry silk (tussah silk or) 50% and above by products. And I bought a silk containing 20%, far lower than the national standard.

"content is so low, it can not be called silk quilt, silk has been sold in the name of." Yang Zhanqing said.

"it’s a mistake, we have no problem with the quality of our products." Hengyuanxiang silk was Shanghai dealer agent in an interview with reporters weekend rule says, "some misleading consumption exists in the sales process".

as for the specific "misunderstanding" is what, >

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