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Search network stop rumors of capital injection will be adjusted for business

January 28th January 28th, Chihiro network statement sent to Donews, said the stopping of the rumor is not real, and pointed out that the investment are inject new funds to help Chihiro network business adjustment to improve profit and efficiency, external partners have also been with Chihiro network to discuss cooperation matters.

after the news, Chihiro network has already started before the layoffs, the current staff of only about 80 people. After the Spring Festival is expected to complete layoffs.

attached thousand search statement:

is investing in new funds to help the company to adjust its business to improve profitability and efficiency. The external partners have been working with thousands of search network to discuss cooperation matters.

recently part of the media on the development of thousands of Web services expressed concern about the quality of service, price, delivery time, etc.. In fact, this is the problem of all online shopping sites in the process of operation. In the process of finding a network in China, encountered some criticism, but also a lot of praise, many consumers have a special feeling for thousands of search, this is an indisputable fact.

is one of the fastest growing online shopping sites. Since the on-line in April 2009, the development of thousands of search network in the industry record. November 2009 and December the amount of transactions per day on the same site in the top three. Search network has 70 thousand products can be provided, while other similar shopping sites generally only 1-2 million. There are 300 independent suppliers at home and abroad. Every day the search network independent IP traffic in 250 thousand people. In December 2009 the "Internet Weekly" will Chihiro named one of 2010’s most notable commercial website, this is an affirmation and praise for Chihiro network comprehensive strength.

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