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Micro business nnocence the circle of friends on the phone or MLM under the crisis circle


Ma Yun said: "the Internet has entered the era of" netizens "from the" network "era, twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can." On the Internet the wind, people created a miracle in the derivative market, but also created countless pieces of disfigured face and countless negative heart. Some people say that the circle of friends face mask was ruined, there are those who say that the huge circle of friends, I am the only one consumer!? anything is desolate behind countless banter, don’t electric fake ran to the

circle of friends?

so in the end what is the real circle of friends micro business, what is not, today, the product network to give you a positive solution.

they are not real micro business, they are derivative in the clouds

first, micro business is not fake

today, my circle of friends more and more become an integral part of people’s work and life social tools, people attribute dependence on it more and more with this tool more, WeChat said that if the first is a social function, then derived from commercial property can not be underestimated. As the circle of friends constantly filled with all kinds of commodity information so some defective products to enter the micro business occasion. Some people even said that micro business poisoned the circle of friends". But in fact, neither the phenomenon of fake and shoddy Alibaba also non exclusive product of the Internet era, there are fake long. So it is clear that there are fake and shoddy products in the micro business, but the majority of micro business is based on the quality of products. From the social property is concerned, the micro business than the platform is easier to put an end to the electricity supplier fakes, if you can not do business in the circle of friends to sell fake or even lost their character.

second, the channel is not a micro channel MLM

MLM crime lies in the value of the establishment of an anti humanity, anti business channel design. It is not derived from the needs of the value, but through the superposition of a layer of channels to shape the interests of the people, he is not satisfied by the real demand for goods, but through the line to make money. So we will find that the goods inside the MLM becomes unimportant, because in the huge interest in the air can be taken out to do mlm. Circle of friends do have people using the micro business development line, with way is nothing more than to show off their wealth, Hyun acting practice. But this is not the fault of the channel.

most traditional companies have a healthy channel distribution mechanism, Lenovo, GREE also has…… There are also micro business beyond count, distribution channels. But one thing is very important: normal business model will not be endless development channels.

inside each channel must be of interest, this benefit and pay back is very important to reflect the value of the individual, so someone over the interpretation of the micro business into a pyramid scheme, which is unscientific. Marketing is the essence of the channel, the essence of micro business is the needs of the people.

micro business should follow the 5 micro – micro – 5 V5!

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