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Tengyun hotel management system running more and more slowly is going on

the last period, in order to improve the product quality and customer service service, customer service department for jcipc software company has the Hotel National / hotel customers do a telephone survey of more than 98% of customers agree that Tengyun series software overall good, but there are also a small part of the customer to reflect the system a bit slow, there are cards.

for customer feedback and recommendations, the president of the software is very attached to the great emphasis on staff, to seriously deal with customer problems and improve product quality of service.

jcipc software research department director, said: at present, there are many hotel management software for a long time, the system becomes more cards is relatively slow, because the software used for a period of time, the hotel information continues to increase, cause the system to become relatively slow. Is the hotel managers will directly will delete the data in order to improve the system speed, but the day after the need to use the data to find more trouble.

hotel management system running more slowly how to solve it?

Tengyun hotel management software recent heavy upgrade, adding a number of useful features! New data transfer function for old customers, do not have to worry about its system with long become more cards, more slowly. If you are using Tengyun hotel management software is now available to the customer contact customer service website jcipc, upgrade to the new version.

data storage highlight features: the past data storage, customers can always view the past data information, system data is less, the software will run faster, improve the efficiency of the enterprise

the Tengyun hotel management software update, will give customers more extreme experience, please pay attention to


Tengyun hotel management system

Tengyun hotel management system is a management oriented and application oriented professional hotel management system, covering all business hotel. It includes the front reception, room service center, financial center, marketing center, query center, background management and other functional modules, the administrator can assign different functional modules and the corresponding permissions for different operators. It can significantly improve the hotel’s service level and work efficiency, standardize the hotel business process, help managers timely and comprehensive understanding of business information, make more accurate decisions, so as to effectively improve the operating efficiency of the hotel.

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