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The development and Prospect of e commerce from the perspective of buying glasses

1 These days, watching TV without glasses, the old feeling uncomfortable, so, go out looking for the glasses shop, with a pair of glasses. (with a desire to purchase user groups)

network: electronic commerce website should try to attract users with the desire to buy, this in taobao.com, Alibaba can clearly see that in this kind of website conversion rate is very high, as we do when the SEO e-commerce sites, determine the statistical analysis with a desire to buy keywords is very important. Instead of some popular keywords, this can be seen from my recent GG statistical analysis tool which can be obviously seen (because the data confidentiality, temporarily released).

2 for the newly arrived, not familiar with the place, did not find the island, photopic and other well-known brand stores, to a do not know which place, good store decoration. On the network, the spread of the long tail theory has proved that non brand glasses as well as remote stores also exist in the market, store decoration is very important Oh)

network: any website and products are also the existence of the market, even imitation cards, unknown products. Sites such as stores, the user experience is very important

3 began to look at the product, inquiry, asking price (exploratory), product varieties and materials and appearance, I choose the main glasses to see these three. Because the store is too many products, mainly by salesman Introduction (product quality is the key to the success or failure of a business).


network: Web site screening, search function can help users to quickly select the effective information, product pictures and description of a large part of the reaction product is good or bad. When necessary, the electricity supplier website should also provide customer chat system. In my opinion, very disgusted that a similar business software wizard, one page per point, ask a client! A website user experience, integrity of user needs to do good, also need to call? When some questions on the site not found in time, the user will want to call at this time. Customer service, this is good.

4 to discuss the price at this stage, the user psychology is very important, the other side to our newspaper, frame 180+ lens 140=320 yuan, I’ll give you twenty percent off yuan, 320*0.8=256. Give me the feeling that there is a discount oh. Because I had bought glasses that is a lucrative industry, said to him directly, the price chaos, do not press the play to a conversion, the actual price, the other should I give a reasonable price, do not offer, the two sides maintain stage, waiting for my offer. In fact, this time, if he opened 200 yuan, I will buy, because I think the price can be accepted at that time. To my own offer, first low, opened 180 yuan, stay when I walk out the door the boss called me, it seems that 180 yuan, he also has the profit, even a lot, no way, such as digital products glasses products prices so transparent. The next time to buy such products to directly hit half off open, hey hey. In fact, this time, if the boss can grasp the customer psychology, in 150-2>

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