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National Commission for the development of the network for the sale of Ali 3C certification Jingdong

on the 24 day, Ali group and the CNCA reached a strategic cooperation, Ali became the first open CNCA national database platform, through the communication at the data level, Ali can directly identify the authenticity of the product on the platform of 3C, for those who do not have the national 3C certified products will take the interception, off the shelf, banned etc.. The cooperation of Ali’s 3C business development will have a significant impact, and for Jingdong may not be a good news.

Ali reached a strategic cooperation with the National Commission for accreditation, Ali 3C will be based on

according to the Ali and CNCA cooperation content, Ali will open up the CNCA national database, the two sides will set up a data cloud bridge, Ali real-time access to 3C authentication data, while Tmall and Taobao will be based on the real-time monitoring data of Tmall and Taobao products on-line sellers have certification supervision the Commission for certification, certification or certification of products that have not expired will be strong control.

In fact,

3C certification is not a quality mark, only one of the most basic safety certification, the name is "the compulsory product certification system", in accordance with the requirements of network retail products also need to upload the certificate, specification and businesses will also take the initiative to upload, but due to between the CNCA and business platform data can not communicate, so the electricity supplier companies have no way to use technical means to determine the true and 3C certificate is expired, can only do manual found together with the investigation, inefficient supervision. And now the CNCA data open business platform can monitor whether 3C certificate seller directly with the network technology of the goods to meet the requirements of real-time data, the way to enhance the efficiency of the anti-counterfeiting platform.

in addition, based on the real-time data exchange, Ali also set the linkage mechanism to combat counterfeiting prevention from counterfeit and CNCA to establish, if consumer complaints or commodities due to sampling problems found, will direct feedback to the CNCA quality supervision departments, for those who have strong ability and service quality assurance business, Ali will jointly launched the electricity supplier of CNCA certification, help businesses improve brand and service credibility, enhance Tmall and Taobao size sellers flow conversion ability.

network data and network technology means counterfeiting is one of the most reasonable and practical and effective means, as early as at the end of last year, Ali has launched the "stars" plan and brand manufacturers direct cooperation, using the characteristics of the one and only two-dimensional code to cooperate with each other products, and the introduction of CNCA national database to increase the dimension of Ali data fraud, in order to achieve the brand manufacturers, business platform and the three linkage to regulatory authorities. The next Tmall Electric City anti-counterfeiting campaign will be evidence-based, on counterfeiting issues of 3C products has always been a great trouble to Ali, now finally had another heart cure.


investment Suning, Ali added to the city of Tmall 3C sales weapon

countries to implement CCC certification covers 19 categories of products, including 3C, home appliances > 132

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