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How to promote the operation of Taobao store

if you are new to Taobao, Taobao is very confused, I do not know how to start, but really want to have a system of learning how to let Taobao shop started their own shop turnover, profits for themselves, so this article will completely unconditional to teach you how to do. The following Li Leiting to give you a detailed explanation of the next


for the novice, a lot of people just contact Taobao operations, so for Taobao on how to get traffic, how to improve the conversion rate and so on. These are not familiar with, so, the proposed new don’t blindly spend money on advertising, can from the free flow to start, so get traffic bring turnover at the same time, there is a detailed understanding of Taobao, to more vigorously promote their products in Taobao is very beneficial for future


specifically how to do it?

a, flow

in general, Taobao has two free rankings, one is all baby rankings, the second is the popularity of baby rankings.


all the baby to pay attention to the factors are:

1, correlation (category, title to keywords)

2, window recommended

3, shelf time

4, mall priority

5, consumer protection before the

popularity treasure to pay attention to the factors are:

1, trading volume

2, conversion rate

3, collection

4, repeat

5, Alipay will use other: reference rate, consumer protection, delivery speed, service attitude score score, favorable rate, seller credit, window recommend, views and other baby.


is a new and popular baby ranking that temporarily can not be considered, mainly studies all the baby ranking. So all you have to do is:

1, right


attribute ranked according to their baby, your baby to put in the right category, because if the wrong category, your baby will be right down, down right after not search.

2, shelf time

general Taobao in the middle of the week, Monday to Friday traffic is relatively large, Saturday to Sunday traffic is relatively small, so it is recommended to put the baby on Monday to Friday shelves. One day, usually around 10 in the morning, around 3 in the afternoon, at about in the evening is the peak traffic, if you do not know the peak of your baby traffic, you can get on the shelves in a few hours.

3, but only on the shelves of two baby

baby in a shop in the home page, but only two, so the title of similar baby, shelves, then >

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