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Xu Jinglei’s B2C road can go far

today (November 9th), there is news that Xu Jinglei will open his own brand of zero bound accessories -KAiLA TM cat Black Agate Necklace in VANCL (Eslite) online exclusive sale, Xu Jinglei said the talented star is "know how to use the Internet" which began with the B2C station known as the nation’s largest apparel products for cooperation to the development of B2C road.

someone commented that Xu Jinglei and VANCL are mutually beneficial, can eventually achieve win-win results: Xu Jinglei borrowed VANCL mature business model and customer base to build the brand, while the VANCL has a free contact spokesperson.

if not mistaken, as early as June "great news, although Xu’s shop" star Xu Jinglei blog click on the more than 200 million to become the first Bo, do the network electronic magazine first claims to make $1 million, but she opened the Taobao shop opened a year and ended up with only 60 pen business bleak ending, let eye popping. (see "Xu Jinglei’s shop to see network marketing: mouse or keyboard?")

Xu Jinglei is playing Taobao C2C sold T-shirts now take the frustrated, VANCL B2C of the car, how far can B2C her way in the end, more than one clock is recommended to draw a line under waves.

first, from the business model, Xu Jinglei sell necklace on the VANCL, there is a product brand incompatibility. As everyone knows, VANCL in the B2C online shopping operation success is to create a "VANCL" of the clothing brands, of course, this brand is the creation process of "integrated product quality + price + perfect customer experience" product, but all products in the VANCL business, will play on the VANCL brand of the brand, consumers believe in the same way. Xu Jinglei’s necklace is KAiLA TM series of its own independent, although on her previous electronic magazine or online accumulated a bit of publicity, but also limited to her fans, no real influence, the equivalent of famous and well-known, and now Xu Jinglei wants to use VANCL platform to build brand "open zero bound" independent accessories brand, will be accepted by VANCL’s own brand mature consumer groups, there is a certain degree of difficulty. The VANCL question is, does VANCL want the transition to brand marketing, Taobao mall ready to learn difficult to continue, to help other enterprise products get B2C intermediary services, did not seem to this step, after all brand marketing profits relative viewpoints.

second, KAiLA TM on the promotion of Xu Jinglei take the B2C road is still not hard, the network marketing efforts is not enough. In spite of the "open interactive electronic magazine" and Xu Jinglei Sina blog all have an advertising picture, told the fought B2C network market, but the advertising effect is poor. The ad text "grief alone, it is better to find KAILA play – Ultimate concept of accessories, not many words average impact force and suction >

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