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Dangdang com to make advertising business bubble to burst

if it is not their own eyes, and a few friends to verify the same, I can not believe that Dangdang will vote for other B2C advertising. At first I thought it was the telecom DNS hijacking, but by clicking on the several advertising links can be sure, where the customer is through direct dangdang.com delivery, excellent shopping and walk through advertising platform delivery. There is no doubt that these ads in Dangdang, Dangdang is completely allowed.

Dangdang as a well-known B2C site, on the front page to put other B2C ads, and some also compete with the existence of Dangdang, really shocked me and puzzling. These put in Dangdang home advertising, affecting the user experience and be nothing difficult. A lot of sites in their own ads, there is no such psoriasis as dangdang. So sacrifice their own user experience, earn advertising costs, presumably Dangdang think worthy. If Dangdang think is not worth, not because of some advertising costs, affect their user experience, to help others make a click.

regardless of the value is not worth, anyway, Dangdang has hung these ads, earned a advertising fee. As a person, can only believe that Dangdang think selling traffic than selling books to make money, more direct than their own business. It can be said that Dangdang that these flows are not worth their own, it is better to replace the ad to be more direct. Yes, if not better than their own business to make money, who will sacrifice their own business, to help others to make money? If they can earn more money, why sell to others, help others to guide users to pull


however, dangdang.com yourself still buy traffic, why is this? Dangdang own everywhere to cast their own advertising, but advertising to life, it has dangdang.com "poor hungry"? Can we say, dangdang.com spend money to buy traffic, the buy back flow after finding yourself these flows are not to earn money, and then hands down to sell to others, good to offset their own investment in advertising to make ends meet? If so, the dangdang.com business is not to make money, but did not make any money, if only by selling advertising for a living,


dangdang.com but a listed company, if his shareholders see, they do? Dangdang own as an B2C company, but should stem from the media platform, to other competing B2C advertising, guide them to pull them to flow. They can not fandigu? Is there one day, even the Jingdong Dangdang advertising will get down? Of course, I don’t believe. Even if it doesn’t mix dangdang.com, just like Liu Qiangdong Li Guoqing, I don’t believe he can do, Dangdang diverted to Taobao customers. As long as the flow of their own, and then guide the seller Taobao, earn one of the Commission, it should be very good.

see dangdang.com so I just think, not really bubble to burst? For a long time, B2C said the bubble is very serious, all B2C in loss making. However, did not see a few really fall. Now, even already listed Dangdang rely on bondservants >

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