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A cat in the American Amazon purchasing Alipay payment


] September 17th news billion state power network, billion state power network that before the sea Amoy Amoy network purchasing project officially launched. A scouring network, said the project will solve the problem encountered in the sea Amoy users language, logistics and payment issues, to achieve the sea Amoy 0 threshold.

official responsible for the project, the user to purchase goods directly from overseas B2C mall shipped to its Chinese address, reducing the intermediate links. And the project is only charged a very low purchasing fee, do not charge any other fees. Consumers through the project of scouring the sea without foreign currency card, can be directly used to pay Alipay, domestic orders directly fill in the delivery address. After the overseas merchant shipping, the whole logistics information will be synchronized to upload, convenient for users to check at any time the location of the purchase of goods.

billion state power network discovery, Amoy sea Amoy purchasing page is now divided into 7 "floor", respectively, discount express, dress shoes, baby toys, food and health care, digital home appliances, beauty and outdoor sports.

is a network of sea Amoy, Amoy purchasing the line only dozens of goods, all from the United States amazon. The process of a single user is very simple, the process and the domestic B2C mall basically the same, but the consignee information required to fill in the ID number, and upload ID card photos.

Amoy sea Amoy purchasing order page

addition, a scouring the sea Amoy purchasing project at this stage also launched a full range of tax exempt activities, as of September 28th. Official explanation, all successful orders generated during the event, and the user has confirmed receipt, customs clearance will be generated by a full payment of Amoy network. In the course of the execution of the order, the tariff is paid by the user in accordance with the purchasing procedure. After the event, and 30 days after the completion of orders, a unified tariff will amount to Amoy network set treasure way to return to the single user bound Alipay account."

it is reported that in 2011 a Amoy network opened sea Amoy channel. September 2011, to Stylenanda as the representative of nearly 7 Korean fashion women’s Web site access to a Amoy network. In November, a scouring network continues to expand, Amazon, WAL-MART, and other world-renowned retailer best buy website also appear in search results. April 2013, a Amoy network proposed to be a Amoy network account and overseas merchants to open the site, and to help users select and contact the transfer company, to achieve one-stop shopping overseas.

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