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UC Ali taste thicken what big search parity scan code

June 18th news, after the acquisition of a wholly-owned Alibaba, UC Ali trend began to highlight. It is understood that what search officially launched parity scan code function before the big Alibaba recently to meet the code Amoy strategy means.

It is reported that

, UC browser in the recently updated version, added a scan code parity function, the user can scan two-dimensional code or code commodity commodity information (including name of commodity, commodity code, reference price, manufacturer, etc.) at the same time also will show what search online and offline from different channels of the same commodity price comparison.

bar code scanning results page

it is understood that the current price data of the scan code parity function from the two main channels, the online price is mainly from the Alibaba’s Amoy network, while the line price is mainly from the scan code software developers snapshots smart.

it is worth noting that, in addition to the line scan code parity function, god horse search in the latest version also carried out an adjustment can not be ignored: the merger of the address bar and search bar. This means that the user can be directly in the address bar after the keyword search, and the default search tool that god horse search. Obviously, UC to maximize user guide to god horse search.

address bar and search bar have been merged

and god horse search also spared no effort to Ali electricity supplier platform diversion. Users search for the name of the commodity, the brand name, will give priority to Taobao, a Amoy network of commodity links, and directly jump to the relevant web site to buy.

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