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nterpretation of this year’s 4 Herborist action has long been concerned about micro business

2014 our growth is 19%, from last year, the development of the industry, the figure should still be able to get the figure of 19%." The general manager of Shanghai Jahwa deputy general manager of the Herborist division Huang Zhen told the "cosmetic Finance Online" reporter the interview said, this year, Herborist has a lot of big moves, in addition to deepen O2O to defend Department status of the main channel and deep CS channel potential, will be the first time the TV title. In addition, the brand will accelerate the process of internationalization, the creation of brand flagship store, and deepen the European and American markets, the output of the brand and Chinese culture.

micro channel channels to promote new ways to boost the department store channel

for the 2014 results, Dr analysis, Herborist’s growth mainly comes from the electricity supplier and CS channel layout, both achieved a growth rate of 50% year-on-year, while the main channel of department store channel only single digit growth last year.

in the department store channel, Herborist is trying to do business model adjustments to meet the channel development opportunities and consumer demand." Huang seems to be in the online consumer needs is convenience, price transparency, the consumer needs to experience the next line, interactive, Herborist will do these extremes, so that consumers themselves to choose.

in the second half of last year, Herborist opened its first brand store in Shanghai. For this model, Huang Zhen introduction, the future of the Herborist store is a complete experience model, containing five plates: beauty, extension services,. Huang Zhen said, one section of which can be used in a stripping a counter in the feasible range, organic integration, so that each department store consumers are likely to experience contact to the brand, rather than buy products.

according to the introduction, in Beijing Han, Herborist applied for a mall nine floor of a room of 50 square meters into experience, echoing the first floor of the shop, the store experience of two modules, the services provided by this shop always full, must take an appointment. Huang Zhen said they hope that such services can be radiated to consumers in the vicinity of the region. A month ago, Herborist also opened a Tmall member for the theme of the salon oil.

in addition to O2O to test the water, Herborist for the fiery micro channel is also concerned about the business and research, said the presence of this new channel will be fully considered. Huang Zhen said he was concerned about the micro business for a long time, that this redefines the connotation of the electricity supplier, this is a platform for the development of the channel so that they do a lot of detailed research, has been the focus of executives and electricity supplier team. I can not say that now stationed in micro business, or immediately decided not to enter the micro business, we will certainly have to consider, I believe we will take some of the rules to do".

for the first time to start the transmission of the

TV title

in May this year, Herborist plans to carry out cooperation in the Zhejiang satellite TV program title, start communication strategy. In this time node, Herborist unprecedented huge sums of money to cooperate with satellite tv,.


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