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Billion users app idle fish Ali again Sike of community

do sea Amoy idle Shenzhen start-up company wool shop, is in the A round of financing, co-founder Sun Yuan frequent exchanges between Shenzhen and Beijing. He was a question that investors habitually asked, "what’s the difference between you and idle fish?"

makes startups worry free fish menacing. This Ali entrepreneurial projects, since March, in the App Store free shopping list once more than Tmall, vip.com ranked third, in its previous Taobao and Jingdong.

but, in the second hand this thing, Ali stood in the face of all entrepreneurs.

born Taobao used idle fish, trying to downplay "business" two words to emphasize the "community", the responsible person of Chen Albert (flower at the end) description, idle fish tend to create a user exchange place, the electricity supplier in the transaction efficiency in its words are no longer important.

On the contrary,

, whether it is a start-up company wool or hand WeChat friends around the relationship, according to the electricity supplier thinking, will focus on how to improve the efficiency of the transaction and the standardization of procedures. "Our logic is that if I do this, it can help the user to make a deal, then we will do it." Chen Lu said the person in charge.

so, Zoupian Jian Feng idle fish,

can do so?

Ali does not need to rebuild a Taobao, but need to rebuild a community

time back 2 years ago, Ma published an open letter to the Alibaba said All in wireless, although did not say, but the task is, Taobao mobile phone contacts, respectively on behalf of electricity providers and social resources, the company is inclined to the two priority. In contrast, second-hand business, just a supplement Taobao, there is no sense of existence.

"at that time is not particularly conspicuous business, because everyone’s energy and resources are not here."

Ali electricity supplier in the system is not very attractive words, Ali was originally the bones of the gene, but the social is not the same. If the second-hand trading platform for Ali’s electricity supplier to enhance social attributes, it seems to have a story to tell. So, Albert attempts to use the concept of "community" to persuade Xiao Yao Zi (Zhang Yong) project.

in the idea of Chen Albert, idle fish will establish a community geographic location, theme based on user interaction in the community, and in the process of selling second-hand idle exchange.

"fish pond" is a direct manifestation of the "community" of idle fish. After the user joins the ponds can release the information above is idle, the information will be back to the top, some models like BBS, Post Bar, Tang master’s role as a moderator, lord. Albert Chen hopes to develop user problems in the leisure fish habit, the idle hand is just an additional function.

in order to precipitate the user relationship, develop communication habits, idle fish will be "buy" button to hide the last of the interactive

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