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The heart of shuangshier traditional enterprise B2B 2 models of cross border electricity supplier

"double eleven" promotion day event, still lingering. Some netizens complain, see "shuangshier" is coming, "double eleven" single package, still lying in the logistics warehouse. As early as the netizen revealed, "double eleven" will not end the play heat consumption, extended to "shuangshier". This double "twelve" users have more reason to join hand chop Party group, do not say nearly a year, a year of hard work to treat yourself to a home, Joseph standard apple 6S hand? Give parents the wool coat ready? Any reason to buy, will be the end of the fourth quarter earnings C the war. So no to "double eleven" sales news B2B, after a year of wind, how will this train ride through, "shuangshier" train in 2015 of the year



B2B trading platform to create 2015 financing myth

2015 is not only a year for the development of cross-border electricity supplier boom, but also B2B e-commerce transactions into the 2 year of the year. This year, B2B from the information trading platform has become cold, shopping trading platform 2, created another capital circle after B2C financing myth.

has been, the content of online transactions are concentrated in the C end of the daily consumer goods, for industrial raw materials, machinery, hardware and other commodities trading enterprises, has been the main line of business. Online information, offline transactions and enterprise supply chain three, creating a commodity online era of the 1. The C business increasingly become ripe and developed relies on Internet technology, online payment transaction is safe, more perfunctory out retail international business interface, but its twin B2B has been unable to break through the offline transaction mode, large-scale complete single online transactions. Large scale online transactions, B2B has been a myth. Along with the electronic commerce related to the national policy, "between the cross-border electricity supplier seems to be all night, sparks of fire of traditional enterprise, traditional enterprise to a on-line B2B online trading platform. Traditional industries of industrial products: hardware tools, plastic, mold, automotive products, this kind of major industrial products have been transformed to do electricity supplier. Pulling out going to bring in the national policy, but also a breath on the cross-border electricity supplier B2B, not only to open the domestic market, but also to enter the national market. Under the traditional line of trade and traditional commodity business, the impact of the electricity supplier in B2B, gradually deviate from the road.

so, domestic capital suddenly force B2B business, what are the internal and external effects? The internal point of view, the world’s top 500 high-tech manufacturing and traditional manufacturing enterprises 114, China manufacturing enterprises accounted for 23. Traditional manufacturing industry has a great influence on the development of Chinese enterprises. On the global manufacturing chain, China is in the middle and lower reaches of the manufacturing chain. Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries to master high-tech industry is in the end to end up in the high-tech manufacturing Chinese, the heteronomy.

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