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E commerce era of the rise of the brand have Zhuluzhongyuan grassroots

"Michael bag" is a born in Jiaxing online bags brand, it started from the Taobao store, a 3 year 10 speed growth performance, 2010 sales revenue of nearly 400 million yuan. Textiles one day last year in November 11th, Taobao mall sold about 30000000……

recently held in Yong Le plus electronic commerce salon and love the sixth plenary meeting on the Public Welfare Alliance gathered many Amoy Amoy brand responsible person, these young faces of "ants" Internet "elephants" confident. In fact, this represents a new trend of traditional economic mode, take a long time, billions of dollars in marketing expenses of fostering the national consumer brand, and the platform has become the new growth of the brand fast lane, some little-known grassroots brand to have to rise, it can be said is "in the era of e-commerce," heroes mowen source".

Amoy brand hot network earn enough money

2010 is the year of China’s online retail market and e-commerce industry blowout. In this year, we see Mcglaughlin, Dangdang listed; see the crazy expansion of Jingdong, where the customer; see a large number of traditional businesses involved in electronic commerce; in the same year, we also saw in this wave of the tide of e-commerce in the upstream and, with wheat bags, Ousuo, modern Miss Amoy brand as the representative of the online brand collective bloom." In the music salon e-commerce, the host is pleased to introduce.

insiders, Amoy brand concept originally appeared in the field of clothing. Later, toys, cosmetics, tea and many other industries some of its own brands have also appeared on the Internet, they are Taobao’s brand promotion are benefited from these set up in Taobao’s brand called "Amoy brand".

"although some network brands only a few years of growth history, but sales are not inferior to some well-known brands. Growing up from Taobao’s Ousuo, Liebo other brand sales network and some traditional selling women occupy together Taobao sales top ten." Recently held in Hangzhou Chinese apparel e-commerce summit, Taobao mall relevant responsible person, last year, the wheat bags, Mademoiselle Osa, as the representative of the network brand, launched in November 11th "single day" net goods panic buying tide, more than 100 small Taobao Shopping Mall store, sold 132 million yuan a day. The Internet fashion bags brand – wheat bag can be said to be the largest number of Amoy brand sales last year, its sales revenue of nearly 400 million yuan.

fashion brand

online pursuit of risk investmentThese

full of vigour of the Amoy brand, not only favored by consumers, but also because of their hematopoietic function is enough, and a stable earnings growth, so venture capital sought after, wheat bags currently won the DCM, Lenovo and loved the letter capital of $45 million financing, of which $15 million is added in the first half of last year. The money is used to help the upper reaches of the wheat bag factory bigger, but also

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