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Explosive growth of pharmaceutical electricity supplier

daily news (reporter Wang Jiajing) more and more traditional retail industry began to force the electricity supplier market, pharmaceutical electricity supplier has gradually attracted many traditional pharmaceutical and capital concerns. However, due to the particularity of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical electricity supplier has always been in a state of slow development. However, since 2014, with the way of "the State Administration of food and drug supervision and management of Internet operating food and drug supervision and management (Draft)" issued, to unlock the policy constraints There was no parallel in history. electricity supplier in the prescription drug sales and logistics, pharmaceutical electricity suppliers will soon set sail off the market.

pharmaceutical electricity supplier has three operating modes: proprietary B2C online pharmacies, third party platform model and B2B procurement platform. In the past, online pharmacies have been strictly limited to online wholesale business B2B model for the mainstream e-commerce applications.

2014 domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier class website showing explosive growth, the major traditional pharmaceutical companies have entered the pharmaceutical e-commerce. However, an objective fact is that the public does not need too many online pharmacies, which also makes the medical electricity supplier competition brutal. For a web site, a good domain name can enhance the brand image, so that users can easily remember and enhance the user experience to promote the promotion of cost. So, if a pharmaceutical electricity supplier website can use a high value of the domain name, will help to a large extent their own site in the hundreds of thousands of medical electricity supplier website stand out.

the leading domain name service platform love net (www.22.cn) recommended a number of high-quality pharmaceutical domain for the pharmaceutical business enterprise: yisheng.com (Doctor), jinkang.com (Jin Kang), jukang.com (poly Kang), yao.com (Medicine), yiyong.com (medical), shiliao.com (diet), weiliao.com (micro therapy), wenzhen.com (interrogation) and qiuyao.com (a drug). If you are interested in the domain name, please visit http://s.am.cn, love net official WeChat you can find more information domain.

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