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Two channel network refused to return now taking more interest to the user

With the continuous development and popularization of the Internet, the share of the

exchange also increases, and the process of online transactions is becoming more and more simplified. Not only through the third party payment platform for online shopping more and more, all kinds of small Internet sites have begun to integrate the third party payment platform, the introduction of various types of online payment channels, users online transactions. According to statistics released by CNNIC in 2010, more than 450 million of Internet users, while DCCI Internet data center also predicted that China’s Internet users will be more than the next year, more than five hundred million.

              a surge in the number of Internet users but also to the development of e-commerce online shopping has injected vitality, it is driven by the third party payment platform for popularization and development, according to statistics, the number of Alipay users has exceeded 200 million mark, each of the 10 Internet users in 6 one is the "Alipay" user. At the same time, support the use of "Alipay" trade has more than 46 businesses, these businesses involving virtual games, digital communications, business services, ticket etc.. The third party payment platform spawned multi benefit growth, in addition to Alipay, some small and medium-sized payment platform also began to rise, bring more convenience for users.

The popularity of

network shopping for third party trading platform led by Alipay, the convenience has greatly changed the concept of consumer spending and spawned a multi benefit. The third party payment platform first, avoid dishonest behavior in the transaction process, to create a good environment for online shopping payment; at the same time, the third party payment platform development to break the traditional marketing model, has brought huge benefits to the enterprise; third party payment platform for the development of electronic banking business of commercial banks the electronic commerce, to provide better value-added services for customers to bring development opportunities. The third party payment platform, in addition to the birth of this Alipay subversion of online consumer habits giant, also let some small payment platform to fill gaps in the market, talent shows itself, to meet user demand further subdivision.

Alipay is walking on the path of globalization. With the Bank of China’s global business layout, is expected to extend to a wider range of countries and regions. But such a giant Alipay is strong, but also can not reach the market and not keeping the small website demand. In the third party payment gradually into local sites and industry sites, while giving the small and medium payment platform unlimited development opportunities. Through the cooperation with the major payment channel providers to provide access to the site to pay the small and medium payment platform to become a new force in the third party payment. With the continuous development of mobile payment has formed a huge potential market, which will also become the future direction of small and medium payment platform in the future.

in the face of the strong involvement of the monopoly of Alipay and super online banking, find the market blind spots, to maximize the satisfaction of the website needs, and for the sake of users, to become a breakthrough in small payment platform. At present, there is a small and medium third party payment platform to return to the current channel providers / mention into temptation

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