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The State Council called for strengthening the supervision of agricultural futures and electronic tr

market is expected to adjust the price of agricultural products, the combination of a clear policy support. Today, GOV.cn news release, 17 Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, the analysis of the current price situation, study the deployment of stable consumer price level and the basic life safeguard policies and measures; the agricultural products price stability is the main contents, policies and measures proposed by the State Council, to strengthen the agricultural futures and electronic market regulation, to curb excessive speculation and banning illegal transactions.

regulation of agricultural products

State Council executive meeting pointed out that since July, affected by multiple factors at home and abroad, mainly agricultural products rapid rise in prices of daily necessities, the general price level rose month by month, increased urban and rural incomes particularly for low-income groups living costs.

futures market as a pricing center for agricultural products, in July this year after a round of "rare" rise. Agricultural futures prices are above 30%, while the price of cotton and other varieties have doubled.

CPI makes the prices of agricultural products are under enormous pressure, and this pressure seems to have the trend of expansion, "it is worth noting that the price of pork and pig grain upside down, the current price of pork rose just started, it has a big boost to inflation." Hu Yuyue, President of the securities and Futures Institute of Beijing Technology and Business University.

executive meeting of the State Council to determine a number of policies and measures to regulate the price of agricultural products: first, to ensure market supply and promote price stability. We will further implement measures to support agricultural production and maintain stable agricultural development. Grasp the reserves of sugar and sugar into the intensity of food and oil, the implementation of small packaging products grain and oil reserve system. Do a good job in winter vegetable production, increase the supply of winter vegetables. Improve the fresh agricultural products transportation green channel policy, reduce the circulation cost of agricultural products. To increase the capacity of outside xinjiang.

secondly, strengthen supervision, maintain market order. We will rectify the order of major agricultural products purchase, strictly examine the qualifications of grain purchase, strengthen the supervision over the purchase of food, and ban the acquisition and processing of cotton without license. Shutting down illegal construction of corn deep-processing enterprises. Strengthen the supervision of agricultural futures and electronic trading market, curb excessive speculation, ban illegal trading. Improve the price supervision laws and regulations, increase penalties for violations. To strengthen law enforcement, focusing on the fight against malicious hoarding, drive up prices, price and price collusion, price collusion and other illegal activities, and severely punish vicious speculation. Improve the price information release system, stable social expectations.

the essence of price increases

agricultural prices soared, the parties will focus on the hype two words. The long-term market electronic trading futures and commodities (commonly known as "electronic") for suspected speculation hit as a target for all. However, some market voices believe that the futures market and the forward market is just a part of the pricing system of agricultural products, although there is speculation, but the fundamentals of supply and demand of agricultural products and all

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