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How to correctly use the nternet to do business in traditional office furniture industry

traditional office furniture company is the core of the Internet what?

traditional office furniture industry, the main development is to find the customer information through the sales line, and then with a single business, to do the program, offer the last transaction, the key point is the core in the middle of the information, as long as the information, the clerk can clinch a deal the business, the greater the more information volume. The traditional office furniture industry is the main source of information through the development of the line, so how to make good use of the Internet to develop customer information, is the core of the traditional office furniture industry to do the Internet, can be said to bring more information if via the Internet that make the Internet more successful.

how to use the traditional office furniture companies to use the Internet to find customer information?

At present,

office furniture enterprises through the Internet to find customers in many ways, many methods although useful, but the effect is not very ideal, the following Xiaobian introduce several of the most effective and rapid method for everyone, as long as do the following points, you can do good furniture business on the internet.

1 to build a unique, comprehensive, looks very reputable corporate website

is the most common and fastest way to build a company website, and then buy Baidu keyword, so that the need to buy office furniture customers can search for the first time to us, and contact us. This is the right way, is also possible, but Xiao Bian observed a lot of Ningbo office furniture company, their company website to do very professional, many websites is a template website even, even products are not released, and some even contact are not correct, began to put ads on Baidu. In this way, even if you visit the company’s Web site, will not contact you, so we must first do a good job of the company’s website, which is the basis of our Internet business.

here Xiaobian recommended do not need to buy Baidu ads, often update site can, why? Is the price is too high, and generally by Baidu to buy office furniture are small companies, the purchase amount is not large, large companies generally have long-term cooperation with the furniture company, will also have a lot of furniture the company take the initiative to contact them.

2 Alibaba integrity through

do a lot of furniture friends with small said honesty not what effect, small early made a chronicle of integrity, now to August, last month by faith to find our customers 10, turnover of 3. Xiao Bian carefully observed, those who did not pass the integrity of business friends, small business is not to summarize the reasons, first is the most company opened a home, no one to manage and update products, then the product information is not complete.

Although the quality of

integrity is not as good as the beginning, but inside the customer in all B2B industry is still the most customers, but the competition is more intense, so the opening must be done carefully oh.

3 opened Taobao store


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