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Under the traditional bookstore online bookstore experience online shopping

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Jingdong’s book on-line channels, sales network for the book industry is a big hit, excellence, Dangdang, is costly, with low price and low resistance, a low price and then


certainly, life now, the Internet has brought us lots of convenience, when the flat day to say, online shopping book prices already have certain advantages, but the Internet website is more competitive in the final to bring readers a big discount. But this also causes us to think deeply, online shopping books, so the traditional bookstores to survive? Internet news, free books, network literature prosperity, so the traditional literature books stand in what position?

in the development of the Internet at the same time, the traditional life has also brought a lot of change. The previous news reports of the apparel industry by the Internet, the garment industry sales decline, while for the book industry, which is also a major conflict. The book industry, in a regular bookstore sales price is full, and if the discount, there will be a twenty percent off sales, this is a way of traditional sales. While online shopping price is generally 33% off range, although at the beginning of book purchase order, said the rules, published within a year book according to the book price sales, online bookstore or membership sales can only enjoy the discount rate of not less than 15% off. But in reality, the provisions exist, for the network bookstore, "not less than the cost, do not violate the law of the premise, to the customer to maximize the benefits" which is caused by the competition in the industry, but also caused by the habits of users, if the books online shopping and traditional purchase price, why to pay a courier fee?! so far, online shopping in the price did not change too much, for online shopping books, only more, no less, after all China living costs, but wages are not high in the circumstances, can not become the province province "unwritten rules.

AC Nielsen released data show that China’s online book consumers have at least 30 million 800 thousand people, the total number of online shopping groups 56%. In addition, according to Analysys International Senior Analyst Cao Fei presented data, the second quarter of 2009, the publication of online retail market reached 632 million yuan, accounted for the entire B2C market sales volume 13.91%, while dangdang.com in the two quarter of 2009 online retail market share accounted for 50%, followed by 34.8% Amazon.

this data, intuitive let us see the online shopping books people, along with the rapid growth of e-commerce development China the increase in online shopping crowd, online book sales will strive for further improvement, after all, online sales of the most light, not too many customer service problems is audio books!

that is in the sale, we have less experience to buy books, and the pleasure of reading, we are less of the literature, the spiritual influence.

in this case, the traditional bookstore has become a lot of people online shopping books experience store". A lot of consumers in the bookstore view

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