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A small hand Chinese well known Paul name the authentic online shopping

insurance or adventure?

also started a small wash in the non genuine insurance compensation, the first shot

others do not dare to do things, to name the authentic online shopping


"to ensure that the interests of consumers, but also with small PICC Chinese Paul reached a strategic cooperation agreement, any item you have purchased in the small, too small for you to have insurance" non genuine coverage ", to ensure that you buy peace." Recently, the electricity supplier circle of friends crazy reproduced such a seemingly impossible rumors.

coverage of non genuine? As the name implies, if the home appliances supplier to buy products, in accordance with the situation of the insurance agreement, professionally identified as fake and shoddy products, you will get from Chinese insurance payment amount. The day before, the reporter learned from the first to get official confirmation, small also has on June 5, 2014 and Chinese Paul signed non genuine protection and indemnity agreement, and the maximum amount of a single product is also the home of small claims 1000 yuan in cash! Throughout the network’s major electricity supplier, there is no lack of cooperation with the insurance company before, but in the inner essence, most of the product quality risks, while the real start non genuine coverage of cooperation, but also thoroughly as small industry leader rise above the common herd.


is insurance or adventure?

According to the

Chinese e-commerce research center data show that from 2008 to 2013, China’s cosmetics cosmetics online shopping transactions accounted for the proportion of total retail sales increased from 4.6% to 23%, is expected to 2015, cosmetics online shopping transaction size will be more than 120 billion yuan.

can be seen from the data, online shopping more and more popular cosmetics, cosmetics shop has sprung up in the major electricity supplier platform. However, a lot of users Tucao, cosmetics safety is not reassuring, to low for the signs of the shop is becoming inferior cosmetics camp".

"consumer frustration stems from the industry’s low credibility and online shopping market regulatory gaps, some merchants’ cry up wine and sell vinegar", completely ignoring the health and interests of consumers. Once disputes arise, the disadvantage of the consumers will therefore conflict with the electricity supplier, which leads to the deterioration of the environment and the industry as a whole, "nothing."." Industry analysis.

If things go on like this, "

Chinese electricity supplier industry is likely to bubble prosperity." Small also relevant responsible person said, in the rapid development of the electricity supplier today, if you have emboldened enough, may wish to take the initiative, with action to name the online shopping! For this is famous for its low-key style brand "too small, Chinese’s Insurance’s endorsement of this substantial, seckill all tear the throat shouting and gimmick full advertising.

at the same time, he suggested that the state legislature to further improve the relevant laws and regulations, encourage joint law enforcement departments, and increase the fake goods, the punishment of counterfeiting the electricity supplier, regulate the online shopping market, online shopping environment purification. Electricity supplier

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